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The Best Way to Send Appointment Reminders

Do you ever find yourself dealing with clients that didn’t show up to an appointment, especially where they didn’t call at all to let you know they weren’t coming?

You’re left asking yourself questions like, “Is this prospect going to show up?” or “Where is my patient?”. It’s time-consuming. 

And then you have to reach out to reschedule the appointment. 

The entire ordeal becomes a total nightmare in terms of loss of revenue. 

It’s just wasted time—It’s a huge struggle. 

So, how do you send clients appointment reminders that will get them to show up or let you know in advance? (Hint: It’s not by a phone call! Don’t do it.)

In my experience, businesses like my dentist’s office for example, that use phone call reminders for appointments have ultimately trained me not to answer the phone. 

And you never want to have your clients dodging your call. Period. 

Well, in today’s video I am going to show you a simple workflow that is critical in getting new or prospective clients to show up and getting you advanced notice.

Check it out.

With this process, you can fill those empty slots and save yourself time—you won’t be adding to your workflow.

Want to learn more tips on the best ways to remind clients about upcoming appointments? Check out this article with The 12 Best Appointment Reminder SMS/Text Message Templates.

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