Requesting a custom appointment…


My current hourly rate is $200, and I am extremely quick!
Most of my sessions are 4-5 hours.
My minimum requirement is 2 hours, or $400.
I do not tattoo minors, you must be at least 18 years of age!

My custom books will be closing soon, so get in your inquiries while you can!

I am a black and grey artist. At this time I am only offering larger scale projects like pieces usually larger than 6-7 inches, half sleeves, sleeves, chest pieces, etc.
Floral, geometric&ornamental, some animals, and especially witchy are the subject matters I am interested in taking at this time.
I have several large-ish one-two session designs available to choose from also upon request or can be viewed on my Instagram profile. This is how I prefer to book and once my books close to custom inquires, is how you can get tattooed by me!

What I will NOT take on:
-extremely specific inquiries that do not allow me to have any creative freedom
-fantasy(including dragons)
-add-ons (unless it’s my original work we are adding to)
-full color
-script/text unless it’s a tarot card or something similar
-tiny or minimum size pieces

I require a $105 NON REFUNDABLE deposit over Venmo to officially get in my books. This holds your spot, acts as a drawing fee, and will also get taken out of the final price at the final appointment(if applicable). If Venmo does not work for you, we can discuss alternative payment options.
My appointment time is 10:00am only, it is nonnegotiable unless you need an earlier time. I do offer weekend appointments due to this!
For now, I send the outline of my designs the night before your appointment. It should be understood that this is not a common practice, and is a luxury to you while also making things a bit easier on my end for morning-of! I also offer a couple small changes once the design is sent. I will NOT send you the design earlier than the day/night before. The design is to be approved before the morning of your appointment, and changes will NOT be made once it’s approved. It is an expectation that you do not send this design to everyone you know, as I only care about your opinion for your own tattoo and opinions of others may lead you to requesting changes that you yourself don’t even know if you want or not. If, for some reason, I do not hear back on the design by 11:30pm, we will have to reschedule because I will assume you are not going to show up to your appointment the following morning. You are told here, and at the time of booking, that you will be receiving your design the night before.

Requests of complete change to what the original idea was when the deposit was put down will most likely be denied, and will absolutely be denied if the design has already been sent to you the night before your scheduled appointment.

I have a 48 hour cancellation or reschedule policy. Unless it is an EMERGENCY, you will be required to put down another deposit if you are rescheduling under the 48 hours, and you completely forfeit your deposit if you cancel, no matter when you cancel. You are allowed one reschedule before I require another deposit for a regular reschedule within the 48 hour timeframe!
If you are 15 minutes late to your appointment without notice, you forfeit your appointment and your deposit and will need to put down another in order to reschedule.

**In the “notes” section after you choose a date and time, please provide a detailed description of:
-what you’re wanting me to create for you
-how big IN INCHES you want the tattoo, this does not have to be exact. If you are inquiring for a half sleeve or sleeve, it is not necessary to include inches.
-where on the body (also side, L or R, if applicable
Please do not put in a request if you are not fully committed and ready to put down a deposit and/or respond in a timely matter.
PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE A DATE MORE THAN 4 MONTHS OUT FROM CURRENT DATE (unless, of course, there is nothing available earlier)!!!

I will most likely reply to your booking request asking for reference photos since you cannot send them through this platform! So please make sure you have some, preferably some of my own work.

**If I receive a request and it is clear that you did not read through these policies, your request will automatically get denied and deleted.**

Appointment Time (240 mins.)

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