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I sometimes charge by piece, and sometimes I charge by my hourly, it depends on what you are wanting to get tattooed.
A very general quote will be given for your tattoo once you inquire, but without having a design done or thought out yet, it’s hard to be totally and completely accurate with it.
My hourly is $150. Most of my sessions are 4-5 hours at most.

I am a black and grey artist only. Please do not inquire about color. At this time I am mostly just offering larger scale pieces, like half sleeves, sleeves, and pieces usually larger than 6 or so inches. If you are unsure if your idea applies, send an inquiry and if it is not a project I want to take on, I will recommend another artist for you! The ideas that will gain priority booking are- floral, geometric, ornamental, skulls(animal or human), and nature. Florals are my favorite, and florals are where I will request the most artistic freedom. My style also does not work for coverups, so please do not inquire for coverups unless the existing tattoo is literally barely visible already.

I require a $50 non refundable deposit over Venmo to officially get in my books. This holds your spot, acts as a drawing fee, and will also get taken out of the final price at the final appointment(if applicable).

Requests of changes to what the original idea was when the deposit was put down will most likely be denied.

My weekends book the fastest, so I request that if you are able to make a weekDAY appointment, book that instead of a weekend so those who only have weekends as an option do not have to wait an extra couple months.

In the “notes” section after you choose a date and time, please provide a detailed description of what you’re wanting me to create for you, how big IN INCHES you want the tattoo, this does not have to be exact. Also provide a budget, if you have one.
I will most likely reply to your booking request asking for reference photos since you cannot send them through this platform! So please make sure you have some, preferably some of my own work!

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