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Sending an immediate reminder

Need a reminder sent out urgently? No problem. Here’s how to send immediate messages for services and other reasons.

Immediate reminders can be used to create a variety of messages including sending a new reminder when an employee is arriving soon to perform a service, to alert a client about a missed appointment, and much more! 

You can create an immediate reminder with a message like the example below:

“Hi {{First Name}}! Our repairman will be arriving for your appointment within 1 hour.”

To send an immediate message like the example above, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Go to the New tab to create a temporary appointment.

  2. On the Appointment Form, enter the client’s personal information (ie. full name, phone number, and/or email address) and select the Reminder type (ie. text, email, or both) on the Appointment Form for the kind of reminder you want to send.

  3. Select the desired reminder template or click on Set Custom Message in the Messages(s) drop down menu.

  4. Click the orange Save button to create the new temp appointment and send the immediate message.

As long as the temp appointment is created within 1 hour of the actual appointment time, the reminder will be sent out immediately.