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  • A few moments of my time and my clients get automatic reminders. Saves me time and they've never had that kind of service at a tattoo shop. My clients always ask "are you gonna send me a reminder for my next appointment?" Not kidding, they're impressed as much as I am! – Chuck, owner of Firehouse Tattoos

  • I tried another system, but there were too many goof-ups so I went back to pen and paper. Until I found GoReminders! I love how simple it is on my iPad, and I do a week's worth of scheduling in the time it took me for one client! Now I can focus on making my clients beautiful! – Erica Mitchell at Sola Salons

  • We do IT consulting and our customers are business owners, so we all have a ton going on. Missing an appointment using GoReminders is impossible. If we forget about an appointment, GoReminders is there to remind us and our customers. I love that it does text message & email reminders! - Jose Hossein, Executive Director at ON Drive Techs

  • It's not that I hated calling clients, but as a single mother operating a business I didn't have time. GoReminders saves me a ton of time by auto filling the phone number and email as I type, on my iPhone or computer. My stress level with appointment management has gone way down! - Sandra Dasilva, Domani Hair Studio / Ravissant's Spalon

  • We are a volunteer organization that requires 8-10 volunteers every day to run our thrift shop and serve hundreds of shoppers. GoReminders has been instrumental in making sure volunteers to show up, and the volunteers thank us for the reminders! Easy setup and well worth the peace of mind. - Linda, Scheduler for Happy Dragon

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