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API Docs

The API allows you to do most things that can be done in GoReminders: you can create, edit, and delete appointments, customers, locations, staff, services, and labels. You can also create webhooks, which will post data to urls specified by you when triggered by some action taken in GoReminders, such as an appointment creation.

The details of authentication, api methods, etc., can be found in the API Reference.

To use the API, you must have a GoReminders account. You can sign up for GoReminders here.

API Reference

Read the API Reference docs here.

Rate Limits

Your API usage limits are determined by the GoReminders plan you are subscribed to. Plans in GoReminders have an appointment per month limit. With the API, the number of “qualifying actions” you can take in a month is limited 200% of your plan’s monthly appointment limit. There are only two “qualifying actions”: creating an appointment, and editing an appointment.

For example, if your plan has 300 appointments/month, you can do up to 600 appointment create actions via the API in a calendar month. Or, you could do 300 appointment create actions and 300 appointment edit actions within a calendar month.

Other actions, such as editing a staff member, are not rate-limited.