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Software Integrations

GoReminders integrates with Google Calendar, iPhone & iPad calendars, Outlook, and more. It also has a versatile API and integrates with hundreds of other apps via Zapier to help you automate your business. Try our free trial (no credit card required) or read on for more info.

GoReminders is an easy to use appointment scheduling app. We keep things simple for you and your clients. We also understand that we’re not the only software you use to run your business. This is why we’ve worked hard to integrate with many of the different calendars, apps, and software that you need keep your appointments flowing.

GoReminders integrates with hundreds of other apps and calendars

GoReminders integrates with hundreds of other apps and calendars

Google Calendar / Outlook / Other Calendar Apps

GoReminders appointments show up in the built in calendar reminders app, but they can also show up in your regular calendar – iPhone & iPad calendar, Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and more. We have an easy to use feature to send all GoReminders calendar info to all of these platforms.


Together with Zapier, you can use GoReminders to automate different tasks. Use Zapier to create Zaps, or actions that take place between programs once a certain condition is triggered. This powerful tool can help you accomplish things with your business you might not have even thought would be possible in our already fantastic appointment reminder app.

GoReminders integrates with hundreds of programs through Zapier, and here are some of the most popular use cases:

  • Use a Zap to add or update your customers info and send it to email marketing software like MailChimp and Constant Contact. Set it so that any time a new customer adds or updates their info, it automatically syncs with your mass mailing lists.
  • CRM systems like Salesforce or Hubspot which can add/update your customer’s contact info once their info is added in GoReminders.

Check out more ideas below with some of our templates:


Our automated text message reminder app is loaded with features. But sometimes a business is looking for specific kinds of analysis, automation or even just embedding the product in their own software. This is where our API comes in handy.

Our Application Programming Interface, or API for short, will allow businesses and users who wish to take advantage of this feature to use their GoReminders data more quickly, easily and efficiently when they are looking to do something specific with the information.

In other words, this allows you to do most things that can be done in GoReminders: you can create, edit, and delete appointments, customers, locations, staff, services, and labels. You can also create webhooks, which will post data to URLs specified by you when triggered by some action taken in GoReminders, such as an appointment creation.

Praise for our appointment reminder app with software integrations

Perfect solution for our moving and junk removal company. Since using GoReminders, we’ve cut down on having to email clients to confirm pick up dates.

Owner, NuGround

I recently switched to GoReminders for my law firm and could not be happier with my decision. GoReminders is competitively priced, very easy to use, and customizable. GoReminders is also one of the few appointment reminder solutions that I could find which offers a free, fully functional phone app. Additionally, GoReminders provides excellent and easy to reach customer support. I highly recommend GoReminders to anyone looking for an affordable, feature packed appointment reminder system.

Steven Shepard

I started using GoReminders about 3 weeks ago. This is the best reminder service out there hands down.
I own two different companies, and Jonathan from GoReminders showed me how to make two different templates to be able to send two different reminders so i can send one message to my tinting customers and a complete different message for my cell phone customers. Their support is out of this world at how quick they reply to you and how quickly they help you get set up right.
My customers love that they can quickly look at the text, type the letter C to confirm the appointment which then alerts me that the customer has confirmed and will be there, or they can type the letter R and it will message me that the customer needs to reschedule and give me their phone number so that I can quickly call the customer and reschedule.
I’ve tried about every system out there and this one will not be beat I promise.

Wes Buttram

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