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Text blast app for iPhone & Android

GoReminders is the best text blast service. Send sms message blasts on iPhone and Android. Use it for your business or just to mass text friends and family. Try this text blast app for free, or read on for more information.

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives and they’ve also revolutionized the way we run our businesses. Mobile devices are so powerful now that we can even run our businesses with only our phones. It’s become vital to business operation and marketing to have a mobile strategy, and text blast software is a great tool to execute this strategy.

Not only is GoReminders the best appointment reminder app, it’s also the top text blast service. There are many ways for small businesses to use a text blast program, and GoReminders can do them all.

Keep in mind that all of your recipients must opt-in before you send them any message, meaning every customer you send a text blast to has specifically asked to receive your messages! The good news is that GoReminders will send a free SMS compliance message whenever you send out a blast. Any first-time recipients will automatically get a compliance message, free of charge! Some more good news with SMS marketing is that you’re not wasting any of your budget on people that are not interested in your product or service because everyone has specifically opted-in to receive texts from you.

Here are some of the ways that GoReminders’ text blast software can increase your business revenue and keep your customers engaged.

Offering coupons, deals, and discounts is a common way to gather subscribers for a text blast marketing. This is also an option for getting your customers to come in on a slow day or bring them back to your business as a repeat customer. Businesses can use text blast apps to send out loyalty reward coupons as well. Sending an SMS message ensures that your customers see your offer right away, and can act on it much faster than a normal coupon offer.

Small businesses also use text message blast software to notify customers about a temporary change in business hours, scheduling changes, or other unexpected changes that they need to be aware of. Text blast alerts are also a great way to keep in touch with your staff.

Another great usage of GoReminders’ SMS blast app is getting feedback from customers. Send a follow up message to clients to find out if they were happy with their service and keep them engaged. It’s also a fantastic tool for improving how you run your business, so you can increase revenue down the line.

How to send text blasts

Download GoReminders for iPhone or Android, or log in on the web. Tap or click on the three dots in the top bar and then “Message Blasts” and you’re off. Simple as that! There’s even a free trial which doesn’t require you to put in any credit card info.

How to send blast text messages on iPhone

Using the GoReminders iPhone app, it couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app from the App Store and create an account with our free trial (no credit card needed).

Praise for our text message blast software

I recently switched to GoReminders for my law firm and could not be happier with my decision. GoReminders is competitively priced, very easy to use, and customizable. GoReminders is also one of the few appointment reminder solutions that I could find which offers a free, fully functional phone app. Additionally, GoReminders provides excellent and easy to reach customer support. I highly recommend GoReminders to anyone looking for an affordable, feature packed appointment reminder system.

Steven Shepard

I tried another system, but there were too many goof-ups so I went back to pen and paper. Until I foundGoReminders! I love how simple it is on my iPad, and I do a week’s worth of scheduling in the time it took me for one client! Now I can focus on making my clients beautiful!

Erica Mitchell at Sola Salons

GoReminders has helped us increase our business activity! The amount of cancellations and “No Shows” has decreased tremendously. As a very busy mom, wife and business owner, GoReminders has been a game changer. Our days feel less chaotic with GoReminders and have ultimately helped us have more productivity that has created more results in our business!

Kayti Lomeli, Financial Advisor

Before using GoReminders, our follow-up contact ratio was around 15%. After we started using it, our follow-up contact ratio rose to 45%. It is a great tool to improve sales!

John Whitaker, Gulf Coast Western

Increase Revenue By Cutting Out No-shows

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