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Text blast app for iPhone & Android

GoReminders is the best text blast service. Send sms message blasts on iPhone and Android. Use it for your business or just to mass text friends and family. Try this text blast app for free, or read on for more information.

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Very easy to use, and customizable. Also, GoReminders has the best customer service and really listens to our needs.

Tanner Balfany, Only 1 Auto Glass

As a very busy mom, wife and business owner, GoReminders has been a game changer. Our days feel less chaotic, more productive and business is up!

Kayti Lomeli, Financial Advisor

How much would it cost to send a blast?Arrow

Message Blasts cost 1 message credit for each person added to the Message Blast (ie. a Message Blast with 20 clients would cost 20 credits). Your plan includes monthly base message credits that match the plan appointment limit (if your plan includes 75 appointments/month, you get 150 free credits each month). If you run out of your base credits within a month, you can purchase Paid credits for $10 for 250 credits.

Can I specify who the blast will be sent to?Arrow

Yes! You can send the blast to all customers in your account or to a customer group.

Can my customers see who else the blast was sent to?.Arrow

No. Anyone who you send a Message Blast to won’t know who else it was sent to, just like a newsletter email.

Can customers reply to my blast?Arrow

Yes. The reply will show up in the Messaging tab.

Are message blasts sent via text or email?Arrow

Your customers will receive the Message Blast by email or text message, depending on the reminder type set up on their customer profile. If your customer has their reminder type set to Both, they will receive the Message Blast by email and text message.

How can I send a photo in a message blast?Arrow

You can include a link to the image in your Message Blast. Just copy the link and paste it directly into the message.

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Get set up in 30 seconds. No credit card needed.