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GoReminders features Zapier integration
Sep 22, 2020

GoReminders Now Features Zapier Integration

We’re constantly adding features to our appointment reminder app to give it a depth of features no competitor has. We chose to integrate with Zapier because we love the way it can speed up and simplify our customers’ workflows. We love it so much that we included it in our appointment toolbox. Zapier connects GoReminders […]

Appointment toolbox - tools for appointment based businesses
Sep 03, 2020

Announcing Appointment Toolbox

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched Appointment Toolbox. This new site offers a list of tools and functionalities to help you grow and/or launch an appointment-based business. It is also a place where we collect and curate all the different software that we recommend to our GoReminders users for their appointment-based businesses. Whether you […]

Save time, money, and stress
Jul 02, 2020

Online Booking Benefits & Problems

We recently added client self-scheduling (online booking) to GoReminders. This is a divisive topic. Some people love it, some people hate it. We built our online booking feature in a way that will satisfy everyone. Do you hate online booking? No problem! Online booking is completely optional in GoReminders. You can keep it turned off and your […]

Fireside Tattoo Network podcast
Jul 02, 2020

Why We’re Supporting the Fireside Tattoo Podcast

This week we are embarking on a new path in our journey of getting the word out about our appointment reminder app, GoReminders, in hopes that we can help more businesses save time and increase revenue: Podcasts. We are preparing to launch our own podcast, and in the meantime we‘re sponsoring other podcasts that provide useful […]

GoReminders was distinguished with the Premium Usability Award for 2018
Jul 02, 2020

GoReminders Recognized as an Intuitive Appointment Scheduling Software by Reputed Business Software Directory

For some businesses, keeping their no-show appointments at a minimum is easier said than done. Unclear coordination regarding the appointment time, absence of follow ups to the client, and lack of internal reminders cause opportunities to fall through the cracks. GoReminders was mainly designed to solve all of these issues, and we are glad to […]

Should we launch an affiliate marketing program?
Jul 02, 2020

Should we launch and promote an affiliate marketing program?

We get so much positive feedback from people who use GoReminders — about how much time they save and how it pays for itself with one saved appointment — but not enough people know about GoReminders. In an effort to get more people to know about GoReminders, we are considering launching an affiliate marketing program. […]

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