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The Sneak Attack No-Show: Are You Making This Costly Mistake?

Have you ever experienced a sneak attack no-show? The sneak attack no-show is someone who shows up for the first appointment, whether that’s in person or a call—and they schedule the follow up call or appointment, but then, don’t show...

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How Many Appointment Reminders Should you Send?

How often you remind people about things really matters, especially when you’re reminding people about appointments. I...

What to Avoid When Writing Appointment Reminder Messages

Have you ever had an appointment scheduled and during the moments leading up to the appointment you’re...

The Best Way to Send Appointment Reminders

Do you ever find yourself dealing with clients that didn’t show up to an appointment, especially where...

How to Get Clients to Show Up

As business owners, it’s needless to say that our schedules are busy and time is money.  At...

Deposits & Cancellation Fees: Are They Backfiring on You?

We’ve all been there. You schedule an appointment to get your hair cut, your teeth cleaned, or...

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