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Super Puppy Education Case Study

How Jennifer Boyle started using GoReminders for Super Puppy Education to organize her appointment scheduling process, save time in sending reminders to her customers, and practically eliminate no-shows.


Super Puppy Education specializes in canine training and offers boarding programs designed for dogs of all ages. Jennifer Boyle, founder and owner of Super Puppy Education, has worked as a dog behavior therapist for over 15 years. Based in Quebec, Canada, Super Puppy Education has had great success with its training and boarding programs. So much so, that they have expanded their services to include dog grooming.

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GoReminders is an appointment scheduling and reminder app proven to cut out no-shows and increase revenue.

Super Puppy Education’s services are in high demand with clients booking appointments up to 8 weeks in advance. Due to the increasing number of clients, Jennifer struggled to manage the appointments for each of their services. Jennifer relied on creating a list of appointments and manually scheduling a time to call their clients to remind them about their upcoming appointments.

“We’re just dealing with more and more people. So we don’t have time to call everyone and confirm their dates,” said Jennifer.

With the lack of organization and the phone calls not being done consistently, clients would forget about their appointments while waiting for 6-8 weeks. No-shows have resulted in a loss of revenue, which led Jennifer to look for a solution to organize her appointment scheduling process. With recommendations from a few friends, she decided to give GoReminders a try.

“I definitely knew that GoReminders was what I needed to eliminate the waste of time and money,” Jennifer remarked.


GoReminders immediately provided a solution to Super Puppy Education’s needs. For someone who is not tech-savvy, Jennifer found GoReminders very easy to use. She especially loves that she can use GoReminders with just a cellphone. 

“We don’t have to use the whole computer system. I have a cellphone that my employees use at the reception and it just makes things so much easier,” Jennifer explained.

After booking an appointment, clients automatically receive SMS and/or email reminders about the service that they booked, including the appointment date and time. With GoReminders, Jennifer was able to send a second reminder to her clients 4 days before the appointment. This reminder requests clients to either confirm their appointment or reschedule within 48 hours. Knowing which appointments are confirmed or need to be rescheduled, Jennifer had the ability to fill in the available slots.

By using GoReminders to automatically send fully-customizable reminders, there was no need for Jennifer and her employees to call all their clients and confirm appointments. Ultimately, GoReminders helped Super Puppy Education employees save time so that they could focus on servicing their clients.

“It’s taking a load off our minds of making sure the right people are showing up. Having to call them isn’t doing it for us. And so we’ve saved a lot of money and time,” Jennifer stated with delight.

Since Jennifer and her employees started using GoReminders, Super Puppy Education has only experienced one no-show.


Managing a small business, offering personalized services, and staying organized can be an overwhelming and difficult task.  Without a way to effectively and efficiently schedule clients, operating at full capacity can become a nightmare. Knowing this, Jennifer knew she needed to improve the appointment scheduling process for her business. With the help of GoReminders, Super Puppy Education’s appointment scheduling system has become more organized, saving time and money.

Jennifer initially signed up for a yearly plan for her dog training services and eventually used it for Super Puppy Education’s dog boarding program. After saving so much time and money by using GoReminders, Super Puppy Education started using it for their dog grooming services as well.

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