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The Sneak Attack No-Show: Are You Making This Costly Mistake?

Have you ever experienced a sneak attack no-show?

The sneak attack no-show is someone who shows up for the first appointment, whether that’s in person or a call—and they schedule the follow up call or appointment, but then, don’t show up or they cancel at a moments notice. 

It might be a post-appointment follow up call to review after they’ve taken some time to think something over. Or a follow up call to get onboarding started.

Whatever the case may be, they’ve scheduled a follow up, but ultimately ghost—and after that it can become really hard to get in touch with the person. Perhaps they’re uninterested or embarrassed. It’s becomes hard to decipher what the true reason was and it leads to a ton of wasted time. 

And in business, we all know time is money. 

A while back I was talking to one of our customers, who’s an insurance agent and they were struggling with clients who would no-show or cancel at the last very last minute—more significantly, the no-show and cancellations were occurring in the later stages of the business deal. 

The intro calls were always successful, however, the follow-up calls that involved getting their customers to choose insurance policies and ultimately close the business deal seemed to fall through, often. 

What perplexed this customer was that they didn’t need to remind these clients about the first initial intro call—everyone was showing up. And since they really only encountered this no-show problem at a later stage, it didn’t occur to them that sending email and text reminders would solve this.

This is actually a problem that I hear many people experienced prior to becoming GoReminders users. 

They thought, maybe the last minute cancellations or no-shows were because the people had changed their mind or something else had come up. 

For this insurance agent, sending automated appointment reminders and receiving confirmations completely solved this problem—and if someone had to cancel, they at least knew ahead of time. But otherwise, people actually showed up and they started closing deals at a much higher rate. 

So, in today’s video, I am going to walk you through a simple framework that will help you achieve a greatly increased show-up rate, where customers are providing feedback on their first appointment and your schedule is filled rather than having unexpected gaps.

Check it out. 

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