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Car Dealership Scheduling and Appointment Reminders for Automotive Sales

Automated reminders for your Car Dealerships. Great for scheduling showings, test drives signings and more.

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How a Chevrolet Dealership Saves Time & Increases Revenue

The car dealership had a problem with no-shows and no-calls. They signed up for GoReminders and easily set it up to automatically send appointment confirmations to their customers and their sales leads. That helped them save time from manually reminding people and the decrease in no-shows turned into an increase in revenue.

The dealership has 10 Sales People who use GoReminders to send appointment confirmations and reminders to their prospects and leads.

They have 3 Sales Business Development Center Agents who use GoReminders to send appointment confirmations and reminders to their prospects.

There are also 2 Service Agents who use GoReminders to send appointment confirmations and reminders to their existing service department customers.

Each person sees their own calendar to manage their reminders and track their appointments.

They use the GoReminders platform to solve the puzzle of communication with customers and sales leads, drastically cut no-shows while saving time & increasing revenue.

Why GoReminders works well for car sales

  • We surveyed our users and found that on average they save 33 minutes per day and a lot of money per week by using GoReminders to automate appointment reminders and cut down on no-shows/no-calls.
  • Our pricing is affordable and GoReminders pays for itself instantly.
  • Easy to get started - 10 second setup and completely free to try for 2 weeks. No training needed!
  • We’re focused on simplicity and making it easy for people to save time and increase revenue.
  • Automated - you enter the appointment and then GoReminders automatically reminds your customer without you having to go in and trigger the reminder.
  • You’ll be able to immediately start having automatic text and email reminders get sent to your clients. No need to setup lots of stuff first.
  • You can grow into powerful features, such as custom reminder messages, detailed sequences of messages, adding locations or staff members or services.

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

Our scheduling and calendar reminder app is used by dealerships for new and used car and truck sales. This simple app saves you time and helps your budget. Automated appointment reminders will impress your clients and drive sales! We make it easy for you to schedule showings, test drives, signings, and other meetings. Cut the time you spend scheduling in half, and save time & money knowing you don’t need to manually remind each of your clients. Drive purchases by keeping your potential customer engaged.

Make a great impact on your potential buyers! Our users have said that “texting is a big hit” when using our appointment reminder app. You no longer need your advisors calling to secure a deal. GoReminders pays for itself after your first saved no-show appointment!

Bring your franchise or business to the next level with our automated reminders. Use GoReminders online and on-the-go from any device – computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Testimonials from the Auto Industry

GoReminders have been a great addition to our Auto Glass business. Noshowappointmentshavebeenreducedby80%. Also, this company has the best customer service and really listens to the needs of there clients. I would refer this company and there service to anyone who has clients that meet for face to face appointments, whether you are going to them or they are coming to you!

Tanner Balfany, Only 1 Auto Glass

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