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GoReminders Case Study: Baines Insurance Agency

You might still be wondering what value GoReminders would truly have for your business, and that’s a great question! By the time you’re done reading this post, the answer will be super clear.

Jennifer from Baines Insurance Agency was having an issue with slow business, a lot of no-shows, and customers not returning to purchase plans after introductory calls and meetings.

She tried lots of options to fix these issues, but nothing worked. She tried using Google Calendar for scheduling her clients and potential customers, and manually reminding them whenever they had an upcoming call. She was spending a lot of time making those systems work, but she wasn’t seeing any change in her business.

That’s when she found GoReminders scheduling software for small business! She immediately loved that GoReminders was a simple but fully customizable appointment reminder app that allowed her clients to confirm their appointments. She linked her Google Calendar to her GoReminders account in the calendar reminder app, and started integrating Zoom links into the reminders. Then she downloaded our mobile app and realized she could schedule appointments and even have customers confirm appointments, when at home, in the office, or in transit. She immediately knew she was on to something.

So what happened? Well, GoReminders paid for itself after the first saved no-show appointment. Her no-show rate dropped from 2-3 a month to only 1 or 2 a year. That’s almost a 95% reduction in no-shows! She also increased her business by 100% due to better communication with customers and her newly streamlined scheduling abilities.

Check out this video testimonial she recorded for GoReminders.

Baines Insurance Agency


Not only was she saving money by reducing no-shows, but she immediately started making more money from the increased business overall. You can do the same for your business by signing up for GoReminders.

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