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Grocery Pickup & Food Delivery Service Text Reminders

Automated text message & email notifications and reminders for grocery & takeout food deliveries and pickups. Great for restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, neighborhood delivery programs or any kind of food delivery company sending alerts.

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Grocery delivery services love using our appointment reminder app to remind their customers about their pickups and deliveries. We know that this industry is more relevant than ever now, and our simple app saves you time and helps your budget. Automated delivery or pickup reminders will impress your clients and turn those new customers into repeat customers! 

Here’s an example of the kind of reminder that grocery delivery services are sending on GoReminders to let their customers know their order is ready:

Hi {{First Name}},

Your groceries are ready to be picked up! Please stop by the marked pickup table near the store entrance within the next two hours and text “here” to let us know you’ve arrived, and we’ll bring your groceries out to you.

Words of praise from Chef Jeremy Coco who uses GoReminders for his catering & meal delivery business:

The time that GoReminders saves me equates to more profit in the bank, because my time is money—especially since I am the sole operator of my business. The bottom line is the time you save using GoReminders to take care of reminding your clients who are so busy that they forget, is well worth every investment you’re going to spend utilizing this service.

Jeremy Coco, Chef Jeremy Coco Culinary Services

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

Save time and streamline the process of delivery and pickup of groceries or food takeout by using the best appointment scheduling software for your business or local delivery program. We make it easy to schedule reminders and notifications to your customers and staff about pickups and deliveries using our simple web interface, or using our text reminder app (available on iOS and Android). Your customers and workers can receive automatic email or text reminders (or both) for their deliveries!

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