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Group Scheduling App Text & Email Reminder Service

Group appointments are easy with GoReminders. Setup takes 10 seconds and you'll be sending text message reminders and email reminders to small or large groups of people. Works for any kind of event and reminder message template. Try this appointment scheduling software for free, or read more below.

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Group appointments are very useful and can come in handy if you need to remind multiple staff members about an upcoming meeting, if you are a tutor and you want to remind both the parents and the student of an upcoming session, if you have a fitness class or a seminar with multiple participants, or anything along these lines. With our group appointment feature, the possibilities are endless! 

These group appointments function the same way as our regular appointment reminders, and can be sent out via text or email the same way. Similarly, you can also send out multiple reminders per appointment. This feature is bound to save you lots of time, especially if your business needs to remind groups of people at once. And as always, GoReminders is the easiest-to-use calendar reminders app that’s always updated to save you time.

Here’s a short video to take you through the process of creating a group appointment:​

The best group appointment software - email & teat
Creating group appointments is easy with GoReminders

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