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2-Way SMS/Email Messaging Cost Information

Using the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature you can reply to messages from customers, and send new SMS/email messages to customers.

The 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature is accessible to subscribers with Business and Premium plans. 2-way SMS/email messaging works with Message Credits. Each message that is sent out, which can be a response message to a customer reply or a new message created, counts as 1 message credit.

The Business and Premium plans include monthly base message credits to use towards 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging. These credits do not roll over to the next month. If your plan includes 150 base message credits, you get 150 free credits each month, but they expire at the end of the month. In our new Business and Premium plans, the base credit amount matches the plan appointment limit.

If you run out of your base message credits within a month, you can purchase paid credits to help you send messages using the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature Additional credits cost $10 for 250 credits. When you are creating a message you will be prompted to buy more credits if more are needed.

Paid credits never expire. So if you have any left over at the end of a month you can use them next month, or anytime later in the future!