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Can I import my contacts?

You don’t have to manually enter your customers, save a ton of time and effort by importing them into GoReminders!

Laptop or Desktop Computer

Before you can upload your contacts, customers, or clients from your computer, you’ll need to create a CSV file that contains your clients’ data. The CSV should have 4 columns with the headers First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone. Here is a sample CSV import file for your reference.

After you have set up all your customers in the CSV file, follow these instructions:

  1. Click More at the top right of your GoReminders account (located next to Settings).

  2. Click on the Import/Export.

  3. Click on the green Import button to upload the .csv file of your customers.

  4. Optional: Select a Customer Group in the provided drop-down menu, if you already created a group in your account and want to add more clients to it. (This step is not required so it can be left blank if not applicable to your import.)

  5. Click on the Choose File button.

  6. Select the .csv file with your contacts’ information on your computer and click Open to add it for import.

  7. Next to the “Continue with import?” question, select the orange Yes button and the .csv file will automatically upload.


  1. Log into the GoReminders app.

  2. Tap More on the upper left part of the screen.

  3. Touch Manage Customers.

  4. Touch the cloud with the up arrow icon.

  5. Grant permission for GoReminders to access your contacts. (This only happens the first time you are uploading your contacts into GoReminders. Once permissions are accepted, it won’t ask again.)

  6. Select which account to import contacts from and then hit Next. GoReminders will now process your contacts.

  7. Select which contacts to sync, and then press the Sync button.

  8. You’re done!

If you don’t see your contacts appear right away in Manage Customers, close the app and then reopen it to refresh the screen. If you get an error after pressing the sync button, please chat us by clicking the icon in the bottom right to let us know.

iPhone and iPad

To import your contacts into the GoReminders app on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Log into the GoReminders app.

  2. Tap More on the upper left part of the screen.

  3. Touch Manage Customers.

  4. Touch the cloud with up arrow icon.

  5. Tap the Sync link to allow the app access to your contacts.

  6. You’re done!

Once you import your Contacts into the app from your iPhone or iPad, they will also be immediately available in your account on the website version of GoReminders. 

Please note, to make this work successfully, you’ll need to grant access to your Contacts through the GoReminders app settings first. On the iPhone or iPad, you will find it in Settings > GoReminders > click the Contacts button on.

Note: When a customer has both a phone number and email address in the CSV file, the Reminder Type for that customer defaults to SMS.

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