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Create a custom message for unique appointments

You don’t have to use the same reminder message every time. Here’s how you can create custom one-off reminders for specific appointments.

Need to setup a unique reminder for one-off appointments? With GoReminders, setting up custom messages for any type of appointments is easy! 

When you are scheduling or editing an appointment, you can create a custom one-time reminder message by following the steps below:

  1. While scheduling a new or editing an existing appointment on the Appointment Form, click in the Message(s) drop down menu.

  2. Select Set Custom Message.

  3. In the Custom Message field that appears, create your customized message for that appointment. 

  4. You can select an existing template from the Start With drop down menu to base your custom message off of a template.

  5. After you are satisfied with the new reminder message, click the orange Save button at the bottom of the form to save the appointment with its custom message.