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Create A Location

Do you have a business with multiple different offices or locations? GoReminders can handle that. Here’s how.

Adding Locations to your GoReminders account is helpful when your business has multiple locations or if you’d like to cite a specific room at a location for a meeting. Locations are also useful to help track which locations have booked appointments and to make sure that the locations make sense. 

You can also use the Locations feature to select on your appointment form and to include as a tag in your reminder templates, so your clients know specifically where to go for their appointments, meetings, etc.

To create a Location, please do the following:

  1. Go to your Locations Settings.

  2. Click the “+ Create a new location!” link below the settings tabs.

  3. Enter text for the Location label. (The Location label is for internal use on the appointment form and not visible to your clients.)

  4. Enter text for the Location. (This entry will be visible to your clients if the Location tag is added to your reminder templates.)

  5. For the Open/Close Hours, leave the default selection as No if your location hours do not differ from your main business hours set up in the Booking Settings. If the new location hours are different, then select Yes and customize the location schedule.

  6. Click the Save button to keep the changes.