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Customer confirmation and replies

Can my customers can reply to reminder messages? They can! Check out this article for some more details on that.

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If your clients replies with C to a reminder message, the appointment will be marked as confirmed in GoReminders. Clients are not forced to reply, so your confirmations will depend on their willingness to do so.

If your client replies with R, the appointment will be marked with a red X and you’ll be notified.

If your client replies with X, the appointment will be marked with a black exclamation mark and greyed out on your GoReminders calendar to indicate it’s canceled. You will also receive a notification.

If your customer replies with any other message, you will receive their reply.

Your customers’ confirmations, reschedules, cancellations and replies do not count towards your monthly limits.

Appointments cannot be confirmed with customers replying “yes” to reminders.

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