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Getting Started

Here’s a quick video tutorial demo showing the basics of GoReminders. It’s filled with all sorts of useful tips!

Welcome to GoReminders! This video will provide you with all of the training you need and help you schedule appointments, setup reminders, and edit your settings. It will take you from a brand new GoReminders user to proficient in just a couple of minutes. We hope you enjoy this quick tour of the ins and outs of GoReminders!

Do you want to watch a longer demo? Check out this page


Today I’m going to give you a quick rundown of how to use GoReminders. 

When you’re logged into GoReminders, the first thing you’ll see is the New Appointment form. To use it, simply start typing your customer’s name. If the customer doesn’t exist yet, as you see here, they will be saved once you save the appointment. You only need to fill in the name and appointment date and time to save the appointment, and you’ll need to add a cell phone number or email address in order for your customer to get a reminder.

Now that I have saved my appointment, I can go to my Appointments page to view it. Right now, it’s my only upcoming appointment, and I have options to edit it, delete it, or manually set the status as confirmed, reschedule, or cancelled as requested. You can see all of your past appointments by clicking the Past link. 

The default view for the Appointments page is the Agenda view, which shows you a list of your appointments in chronological order. There’s a Day view, a Month view, and a Week view as well. You can click directly within these different views to create a new appointment on that date and time.

On the settings page, you’ll see options for your Reminder Schedule. This determines when your reminders get sent. You can have the first reminder sent immediately when you save the appointment, or any number of days or hours before your appointment. The second reminder can be sent after the first at a day or time that you choose, or you can disable it entirely.

Below the Reminder Schedule you’ll see your Reminder Template options. This is where you set up the reminder text that will get sent to your customers. You can include your own text here, along with links, and template tags. We recommend creating short links with if you want to use a link to direct your customer to more information. You can insert template tags that include information like the name of your customer, date, time, and location of their appointment. You can setup multiple templates to meet all of your reminder needs. If you want, you can include Confirm and Reschedule instructions at the end of your reminder.

Below the Reminder Template options, you’ll see options for Notifications. This is where you control the default confirmation or reschedule notifications that can be sent to you via email or text message. 

Don’t forget to save the settings page when you’re done making changes.

We have options for adding Locations, Staff members, Labels, and Services into your GoReminders account. Locations, Staff members, and Services can be added into your reminder template to personalize the messages further. Staff members can even get notifications sent directly to them. You can invite a staff member to view their appointments directly on the calendar of their choice, such as Google Calendar. Labels are only for internal use, and can be used to remind your team about important information.

You’re now a proficient GoReminders user! We love when our users contact us with questions and feedback, and you can do so by clicking the little chat head in the bottom right of the GoReminders interface. Happy reminding!

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