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Getting Started with Zapier and Mailchimp

Want to add your GoReminders customers to Mailchimp? Here’s how to sync your customers and send out eblasts.

You can use Zapier to link your GoReminders and Mailchimp accounts. Any new contacts/customers that you enter into GoReminders will be synced over to Mailchimp. You can then use Mailchimp to send out eblasts to your customers, without needing to enter your customers into Mailchimp directly.

If you’re interested in this feature, please reach out to us so we can enable Zapier integration for your account.

Setting up your accounts:

  1. Setup or login to your Mailchimp acct. and import your existing contacts. You can export your existing contacts from GoReminders and import them into Mailchimp.

  2. Go to and setup or login to your Zapier account.

Setting up your Zap:

  1. Go to and click on “Settings”, and then “Integrations”

  2. Under Zapier, click on “Create a User” and note the username and password it gives you. The password will only be shown once so don’t close the GoReminders > Zapier > User Created window until this step is done. 

  3. Click on this template link:

  4. Under “GoReminders Account” click on “Connect an Account”

  5. Copy and paste the username and password into the Zapier pop-up window

  6. Submit the form

  7. Under “Mailchimp Account” click “Add a new Account” and sign in with your Mailchimp account.

  8. Audience: Choose the Mailchimp Audience that you would like your GoReminders customers to be added to. If you’re not sure which to choose, select the first option.

  9. Click “Turn On Zap”

  10. Test out a new sample contact in GoReminders. The sample contact must have an email address for this to work.

You’re all set! Now when you add a new customer into GoReminders, this Zap will send that customer to Mailchimp. This will build your list of customers in Mailchimp, and you can setup and send mass-messages / eblasts to your full list!