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How can I add a location to my reminder messages?

Does your business have multiple locations? Here are instructions for using the locations feature and template tag.

If your business has multiple locations and you’d like to include the location of your clients’ appointments in the reminders, you can add the Location to your appointment form and include the Location tag in your reminder templates. If you have not added yet Locations to your GoReminders account, please see our Locations article on how to create one.

To add Locations to your reminders, do the following:

  1. Setup some locations on your Settings > Locations page.

  2. Add the Location template tag to your reminder message template on the Settings > Reminders page. To select the Location tag, click on the Template Tags section below the reminder template you are creating and then click on the Location tag.

  3. Click the Save button next to your reminder template once you are finished customizing your reminder template.

  4. Finally, go to the New tab at the top of the webpage and select a Location from the ‘Appt. Location’ dropdown when creating a new appointment.

Now, the Location selected on the appointment form will appear in your reminder messages.