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How can I reset my password?

We all forget our passwords sometimes. Resetting your password for your GoReminders login is easy though! Read on for more info.

If you need to reset your password because you forgot it or due to an employee leaving your employment, it’s very easy to do in no time at all!

  1. First, go to the GoReminders login page.

  2. Click the I Forgot link above the password text box. Here is a screenshot of where the I Forgot link is:

Forgot password
  1. Enter your login email address. 

  2. Check your Inbox of the email address entered and locate the email sent with a reset link and a temp password.

  3. Use the link in the reset password email to go to your GoReminders account.

  4. Update your password at the bottom of the Account page by entering your temp password and the new password you desire to use.

  5. Click Save to keep the change.

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