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How can I send a reminder about a completed service?

Creating reminders to alert clients when their service is completed or product available for pick-up.

If you are providing services such as auto repair or something similar where you need to alert your client that their car or product is available for pick up, you can create a reminder to be sent out for that!

In your Reminder settings, you can create a reminder template like the following:

“Hi {{First Name}}! Your vehicle is ready for pick up. Call us at 555-555-5555 if you are not able to pick up your vehicle today.”

You can also title each reminder template according to the service you are providing such as: Oil Change, Tune-Up, Specialty Install, etc. 

This type of reminder can also be used for bakery services, shoe repairs, computer repairs, pet grooming services, and more!

Once you have the reminder template set up to your satisfaction, you can create an appointment using that template in the New tab or on your GoReminders calendar in the Calendar tab.