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How can I send a review request to a client?

You did a great job with your last customer and now you want to ask them for a review. Here are instructions for that.

If you’d like to send a survey or ask for a review from your clients after an appointment, you can easily do that with our reminders, Message Blasts or the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature! URL links for your surveys or review forms can be included in your messages.

To keep messages brief and simple, we suggest using to first shorten the link to your review document or survey. Once you have shortened the URL link you want to use,

Sending a survey or review request using Reminders:

Create a new reminder template such as “Review Request” or “Survey” to be sent out to your client.

In your Reminder settings, you can create a reminder template for your surveys like the following:

“Hi {{First Name}}! We would greatly appreciate your feedback about your recent appointment. To share your thoughts, please click this link: [add link here].”

You can use the survey reminder template to receive your clients’ feedback for any type of service such as: auto repair, landscaping, roofing, beauty services, legal services, body art/piercing services, pet grooming, financial consulting, and more!

Once you have the reminder template set up to your satisfaction, go to the New tab or to the Calendar to create a temporary appointment and then select the Survey reminder template in the Message(s) drop down. Your survey will then be sent out according to the reminder schedule set up in your Reminder settings.

Check out these articles on how to send survey requests or review requests using Message Blasts or the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature: