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How can I send my clients Zoom links in my reminders?

Remote work is more prevalent than ever. Here are instructions for sending Zoom meetings to your clients so they can meet with you remotely

Go to and then click on “Personal Meeting Room”

GoReminders Zoom - Upcoming Meetings

This will open up the options for your personal meeting room, which is a persistent link that will stay the same over time. You can use this one link to meet with all your clients. We can even enable a waiting room option, which is super helpful. If you scroll down on this page, you should see some options that will start off unchecked.

GoReminders Zoom Settings

If you click on “Edit this Meeting” you can enable these options. It’s a good idea to enable both “Enable join before host” and “Enable waiting room”. Join before host will allow your clients and customers to join your meeting before you, even if you’re not there yet. And enable waiting room will allow you to meet with clients and not worry about stacking up appointments on top of each other. You’ll get a message that your next guest is ready, and you can let them in when you’re available.

GoReminders Zoom Settings continued

Then over in GoReminders, you can go to Settings > Templates and add in the link that we got in the “Personal Meeting Room” screen in Zoom. Now you can remind your clients and customers to meet with you remotely!

GoReminders Reminder Schedule and Reminder Template options