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How to Request a Google Review from Customers

Here’s info on how you can generate lots of positive Google reviews for your business after an appointment.

You can request Google Reviews from your customers to help your business stand out. Some of you are already using GoReminders to ask your customers for online reviews.

We’ve added an integrated process that will improve your ratings, remove all the effort, and make the process much smoother.

Online Review Screening

Here are the two big benefits of our Reviews feature:

  1. A simple, customizable review page you can send to your customers that screens out negative reviews.

  2. An easily shareable review link you can embed in an automatic follow-up message using Message Sequences. This will increase the deliverability and conversion rate of your message.

If you set this up, it will generate positive reviews automatically without taking up any of your time!

Step 1: Set up your Review Screening Page.

  1. Go to the Online Reviews page.

  2. On the ‘Online Review Setup’ page, type in your business name. Select your business from the suggestions to generate your Google Review link.

  3. Next, click the ‘Setup Review Page’ button. The page is already set up with some basic defaults which you can edit.

  4. You will send your customers a link to the ‘Review Screening Page’, asking them if they had a good experience.

    *If they say no, then they will be sent to a private note form so they can send you a private message.

    *If they say yes, they will see a ‘Write a Google Review’ button to submit a positive review.

Step 2: Schedule automatic Follow-up Messages after an appointment to send your customers a link to the ‘Review Screening Page’.

Follow-up messages can be scheduled anywhere from 1 hour after an appointment to 30 months after an appointment. You can send two Follow-up Messages per appointment, in addition to the three reminders you are able to use.

  1. Create a Message Template for your Follow-up Message. To add the link to the ‘Review Screening Page’ click on ‘Template Tags’ and select ‘Review Link’. This will generate a customized review link just for the customer. Then click ‘Save’.


    Hi {{First Name}}, I hope you were satisfied with your appointment. Please let us know how your appointment went: {{Review Link}}

  2. Next, you can either Create a New Message Sequence, or click on an existing Message Sequence.

  3. Click the ‘Add Follow-up Message’ button.

  4. Select the Follow-up Message schedule and the title of the new Message Template you created with the Review Link.

  5. Click ‘Save’.

  6. The next time you create a New Appointment, select the Message Sequence you created as your message.

If you do this and automate it into all of your appointments, the number of positive reviews you get on Google is going to shoot up and it’s going to generate a lot of new customers for you!

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