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SMS Compliance

Looking to do text marketing? Here is some information about SMS compliance and the required disclosures associated with it.

No matter which field you’re in, when you send text reminders and text marketing to your clients, it’s important to know about compliance. We’ve prepared this article to help simplify that for you.

Here are some of the key components you’ll need to keep in mind. We’ll go into further detail about each of these:

  1. Express written consent from your contacts is mandatory. So your first message to new contacts must be a compliance message (sometimes referred to as an “opt-in message”).

  2. Your call-to-action must include your campaign purpose, frequency, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and info about message and data rates.

  3. Always honor opt-outs

1. Opt-in:

The whole point of these regulations is that people are only receiving messages they want to receive, and not spam or other unwanted correspondence from businesses or organizations. A good way to ensure this is to make sure the first message to each new client is an opt-in message. Of course, any existing clients will also need to opt-in, even if they’ve already received messages. For recurring messages, confirmation messages should also include clear opt-out instructions.

2. Call to action:

When messaging your clients, you’ll need to display clear calls to action. You should always tell them exactly what they are signing up to receive, as well as roughly how often they should expect to receive one of those messages. Include your opt-out instructions as well.

3. Opt-outs:

Always respect, acknowledge, and carry out all opt-out requests. Failure to do so can put your business at risk of legal action.

Disclaimer: By providing this information we are trying to be aas helpful as possible, but this advice is only for informational purposes and is not legal advice. As always, we recommend consulting with appropriate legal counsel and/or your company’s compliance department as needed.