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How GoReminders Measures Up Against Other Appointment Reminder Apps

Searching for the perfect appointment reminder app or software can be a tricky process, especially if you’re not entirely sure what it is your business would benefit most from. Rather than having to pick and choose key features, GoReminders offers a variety of important products that can allow your business to not just save time, but increase revenue. Whereas some competitors only offer basic reminders, scheduling, and messaging, GoReminders has an extensive list of software that will undoubtedly meet your business needs. So, how does GoReminders measure up against other appointment reminder apps? Read on as we explain what key elements make GoReminders your go-to place for all-things business. 

GoReminders is the best appointment reminder app out there

GoReminders is the best appointment reminder app out there

The best in appointment reminder software

GoReminders’ appointment reminder app is incredibly simple to set up, and once you’ve scheduled the necessary reminders, the software takes over and handles the rest, meaning you’ll save time and the hassle of constantly having to supervise sending out reminder texts and emails. It’s by far the easiest reminder software service available, but if you need a little extra help getting started, GoReminders has a support staff available for you. 

Easy appointment scheduling software

While it may take you time to learn how to use other scheduling apps, GoReminders can be set up within seconds, and can be accessed whether you’re on your phone, tablet or computer. We offer a free two-week trial that offers full access to all of our features. Plus, appointment reminders are fully customizable, meaning you can alter text to make it feel more authentic to your business — or even create a template in another language for any multilingual clients. 

Automatic text appointment reminders 

If an appointment reminder app doesn’t offer text appointment reminders, run the other way! With GoReminders, automatic text message reminders allow your clients to get easily notified of an upcoming appointment. This tool is one of the most popular products GoReminder offers (though we do offer email reminders or a combination of both text and email), with a staggeringly high return on investment when utilized. In a survey we conducted, businesses that used our text message reminder app averaged over $27,000 of revenue saved, thanks to a reduction in no-show and no-call appointments.

Easy-to-use calendar app with text and email reminders

GoReminders offers a simple-yet-effective calendar app that alerts your customers with calendar text and email appointment reminders. It’s not only compatible with mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets, but it’s all updated in real time, meaning it syncs up to all of your other devices instantly – meaning you won’t need to worry about double-booking. Other competitors simply can’t stack up!

Useful recurring text and email appointment reminders

Scheduling and confirming appointments is one thing, but what if you have a customer who schedules weekly or monthly appointments with your business? That’s where GoReminders recurring text and email appointment reminders come in. Simply choose a repeating interval when you enter an appointment for your customer in the calendar reminders system, and reminders will automatically send a recurring text or email to your customer. It’s beyond simple, and saves your business from unnecessarily wasting time.

If you’re looking for an appointment reminder app that offers all the bells and whistles that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, GoReminders might just be everything you’re looking for. 

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