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How to Get Clients to Show Up

As business owners, it’s needless to say that our schedules are busy and time is money. 

At least for myself, there were times when I would book meetings and delay following up with someone who wanted to reschedule. Either because I was busy at that moment or just frustrated with having to go through the rescheduling process — the list goes on. 

It was nerve-wracking. 

How do you deal with responses to appointment reminders and the dreaded possibility of a cancellation? 

Do you find yourself sending out appointment reminders manually or using an automated text system that can be frustrating and time-consuming? 

If so, you need a plan of action. 

In today’s video, I am going to share a simple workflow that will turn that no-show or cancellation into a rescheduled appointment that your customers will appreciate, all the while saving you time and money. 

Check it out.

Using my simple workflow method, you’ll be able to fill slots and end up with customers who appreciate the top-notch service with only investing just a few minutes of your time. 

Want to learn more about how to communicate with clients and avoid scheduling blunders? Check out this article about The Best Way to Contact Clients. 

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