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Text Reminders & Online Scheduling for Laboratory Testing

You'll love our easy-to-use automated reminder software for laboratory testing. Great for scheduling one-off and recurring reminders for lab testing visits and follow-ups.

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Laboratories and testing facilities use our appointment reminder app to remind their customers about their appointments. We know that this industry is more relevant than ever now, and our simple app saves you time and helps your budget. Automated and recurring reminders will ensure that no one misses their critical appointments.

Here’s an example of the kind of reminder that labs are sending on GoReminders to let their customers know to come in:

Hi {{First Name}}, You have an appointment with ACME laboratory at {{Time}} on {{Date}}. Please arrive at the following address and bring your Driver’s License and Insurance card so we can scan it in our system. ACME Laboratory 123 Main St, Washington, DC 12345

A customer’s review of our software:

GoReminders has been an excellent addition to my business! Clients never forget their appointments, thanks to GoReminders! ? I can’t tell you how nice it is to work with a company with such customer service! I’ll definitely be recommending GoReminders to everyone I know!

– Elizabeth Meigs

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Our scheduling and appointment reminder app is used by laboratories and testing facilities around the world. This simple app saves time and will make your life more convenient, along with anyone who you’re working with.

We make it easy for you to schedule any event or reminder. GoReminders pays for itself in the hassles that it will save you! Use GoReminders online and on-the-go from any device – computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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