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Message Blast Text & Email Service

Versatile customer appointment reminder service which also allows for marketing and promotional blasts via text & email. GoReminders makes it simple because the messages are totally customizable.

Our message blasts feature allows you to send a group message to a few clients or to a large group of them. Message blasts can be useful when you want to send a one-time email or text (or both) to your clients and don’t need to set up an appointment. This is perfect for things like reminding your employees of an upcoming event, contacting students and their parents about an update, and any sorts of marketing or promotional materials. You can even use it to follow up with your customers for an online review.

These blasts are sent out either via text or email or both, just like our reminders. Customers can reply to message blasts the same way they can currently reply to normal reminders too, so it’s a great way to interact with or re-engage your customers. We think this will be a great tool for small businesses to get their customers’ attention, and make sure that they’re keeping you in mind for anything you can help them with.

You can access message blasts by clicking on the three black dots near the upper right corner, then clicking on message blasts.​

Email and text marketing is easy with GoReminders

Email and text marketing is easy with GoReminders

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