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Improve Patient Attendance and Grow Your Practice with GoReminders

Are you tired of missed appointments derailing your medical practice’s schedule?

Are no-shows forcing you to fall short of your revenue projects or goals?

Is it difficult for your business to balance growth, customer service, and efficiency?

GoReminders is a no-frills scheduling software that provides a cost-efficient, easy-to-implement system that allows for medical practices of all sizes to modernize, optimize, and automate the patient booking process.

GoReminders provides medical practices with the tools to:

  • Minimize no-shows
  • Maximize patient care
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Grow revenue significantly
  • Streamline patient communication in a single, convenient, straightforward program

The best part? New partners can experience GoReminder’s transformative impact risk-free with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

Take the Stress Out of Patient Booking in Three Easy Steps

Goreminders makes scheduling headaches and hassles go away in three simple steps.

Booking Requests

Step One: Sign Up and Start Booking Risk-Free

GoReminders is the easiest way to upgrade your booking process. Create your account in 30 seconds or less, then instantly launch your easy-to-use automated patient booking form.

Want to maintain complete control over your schedule while still enjoying the use of revenue-driving appointment reminders? Enter manual mode by visiting your booking page and turning off “Booking Enabled.” This allows you to manually book appointments yourself.

Booking Settings

Step Two: Customize Your Booking Options

GoReminders’ plug-and-play booking forms make it easy to customize your appointment options.

Intuitive booking settings empower you to set your office hours, create custom appointment time slots, and tailor your availability to align with your practice’s ideal workflow.

You also have granular control over your booking process with GoReminder’s versatile instant booking, booking request, and manual booking modes.

  • Instant Booking allows your patients to claim any available appointment slot automatically. Zero involvement from you means maximum efficiency.
  • Booking Requests allow your patients to request three appointment time slots. This empowers your customers with choices and you with the ability to select the best appointment time for you—a perfect balance between convenience and control.
  • Manual Booking allows you to manually enter patient appointment information into your GoReminders system quickly and conveniently. This will still allow you to send out reminders and no-show messages to keep your customers accountable.

Form Options

GoReminders also allows you to capture valuable patient contact information and customize appointment intervals. You can also adjust your minimum and maximum notice for booking to maximize your practice’s efficiency, productivity, and performance.

QR Code

Step Three: Launch Your Custom Booking Form!

Share your booking form with new, existing, and potential patients to complete your transition to stress-free patient scheduling.

GoReminders’ quick and convenient sharing capabilities have been used by companies like Valley Immediate Care, Middle Way Health Family Counseling, and the Northern California Community Blood Bank to revolutionize their patient booking processes.

Promoting your new GoReminders booking form is easy:

  • Post on Facebook – Drive patients to your new booking form with a customized Facebook post automatically generated by GoReminders.
  • Tweet to Your Followers: Drive awareness and conversions alike with a series of tweets that explain your new booking process. You can even share a link to your booking form.
  • Print or Post a QR Code: Make your booking process more accessible than ever by including your unique booking form QR Code on landing pages, business cards, stickers, digital ads, and more.
  • Share a Direct Link: Send your booking link directly to interested patients, so they can start booking their appointments right away.
  • Send an SMS or Email Blast: Connect with specific customer groups (or all your customers at once) with a custom promotional SMS or email blast that features your new booking form link.

Powerful Features for Easy Use

Running a medical office is hectic enough without adding complicated software to the mix! GoReminders is designed to optimize and streamline your booking process without time-intensive training.

Medical practices that use GoReminders for patient booking, reminders, and communication save an average of 33 minutes per day. This means more time to:

  • Prioritize patient outcomes
  • Emphasize stellar patient experiences
  • Focus on revenue-generating activities instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks

GoReminders is the perfect software solution for busy medical practices in need of a straightforward, plug-and-play solution for their booking processes.

GoReminders’ powerful features and capabilities empower medical practices and clinics of all sizes to:

  • Streamline patient scheduling with 60-second booking
  • Automatically capture valuable patient contact information
  • Tap into new markets on social media with easy-to-share booking forms
  • Monetize email lists with strategic booking promotions and message blasts
  • Reduce expenses related to administrative tasks

Say “So Long” to Patient No-Shows

No-shows waste valuable time, harm your bottom line and can impact the success of your practice’s patient care and outcomes. Fortunately, GoReminders is chock full of features that empower medical offices to make no-shows a thing of the past.

GoReminders automatically sets up SMS and email appointment reminders at the time of booking, instantly reducing no-shows to almost zero while saving you valuable time and helping you retain your hard-earned money.

GoReminders’ customizable appointment reminders integrate seamlessly with most digital calendars and apps supported by Apple, Android, and other popular operating systems, making it effortless for patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments.

How GoReminders Boosts Your Bottom Line

GoReminders doesn’t just improve organizational workflows — it also supports greater productivity and performance, as well as drives higher patient satisfaction. It’s also an invaluable tool for recapturing revenue lost to no-shows.

Organizations that rely on GoReminders for their appointment booking, confirmations, and reminders can recapture more than $500/week. That’s a staggering $27,404 in additional annual revenue captured for less than the cost of a single monthly no-show!

Why Healthcare Organizations Worldwide Trust GoReminders

GoReminders has helped us to reduce our No-Shows, increase our rebooking rates, and communicate easily with our patients. All our patients love the appointment reminders. We also use GoReminders to contact people who have missed appointments or need to reschedule and it’s a super easy way to communicate and get those patients back on our books. We’ve been using it so long now its like second nature. Customer service is always really great, they even implemented a number of requests/suggests we had – which we thought was super 🙂. It is very easy to use and set up. GoReminders is very flexible allowing us to create own messages and sequences. You can also easily go into calendar and update any appointments.

Renee M., Healthcare Office Manager

After trying out several different options, I landed on GoReminders for the office’s appointment scheduling software. Right away we noticed the timeandmoneythatGoReminderssaved me. Clients also loved getting reminders ahead of their appointments! Now we’re down to just1noshow per week.

Judy, Middle Way Health Family Counseling

I’ve been using Go Reminders for my massage business. Nothing is more annoying than remembering to send reminders to clients so they don’t miss their appointments. Go Reminders is easy to use and has a clean feel and look. A couple things that I like are the appointmentsgointomyGooglecalendar, I also like that you can edit your reminder message template. Lots of other services do not let you edit. They always seem to be working on things to makeyourlifeeasier.

Tony Shannon, LMT

Great product. It solves our problem having to call all of our customers the day before to remind them of their appointments. Saves us a lot of time. Also the customer support is great and very accommodating when we ran short of some reminders. This software is very easy and simple to use. Very easy to show your staffs on how to input the reminders and having both options to either text or email the customer automatically. It’s perfect for what we need to use it for.

Michael N.

A Simple Solution to Scheduling Problems

The GoReminders platform includes everything medical clinics and practices need to transform their patient booking process overnight, including:

✔ Plug-and-Play Booking Form
✔ SMS and Email Appointment Reminders with Customizable Delivery Timelines
✔ One-Click Appointment Confirmations, Cancellations, and Rescheduling
✔ Flexible Appointment Availability Options
✔Customizable Location, Staff, and Service Promotions


How GoReminders Outpaces the Competition

If your practice needs a comprehensive solution to solve booking, confirmation, and patient communication issues, you’ve stumbled across the perfect app.

GoReminders’ powerful features, expansive customization options, and effortless setup provide multifaceted advantages that our competitors just can’t match.

Features GoReminders Acuity Scheduling Vagaro
Patient Self-Scheduling
Unlimited Service Types Included
Text and Email Blasts
Unlimited Devices Included
Instant Calendar Updating
Multiple Appointment Reminders
Fully Customizable Reminder Templates
Unlimited Locations Included
Unlimited Staff Included

Vital Scheduling Capabilities for Healthcare Organizations

Ensuring your scheduling solution improves your medical practice’s efficiency, productivity, and performance hinges on choosing the right software partner.

If you’re considering upgrading your booking process with an all-in-one application, make sure you’ll have access to these essential capabilities before signing any dotted lines.

  1. Automatic Text and SMS Appointment Reminders
  2. Streamlined Appointment Confirmation
  3. Two-Way Patient Messaging
  4. High-Value Booking Form, Social Media Post, SMS and Email Blast, and Patient Messaging Templates
  5. Straightforward Self-Booking and Instant Contact Information Capture
  6. Recurring Appointment Options
  7. Advanced Customization Options for Specific Locations, Services, and Service Providers

A Reminder a Day Brings Patients Your Way

Manually confirming appointments, communicating with clients, and tracking down no-shows is a painful time sink that leads to ever-growing expenses, disengaged and overwhelmed team members, and poor patient experiences.

GoReminders empowers medical practices to trade in their inefficient, and stress-inducing scheduling processes for a modern, straightforward, and highly effective solution.

Get back to doing what you do best — let GoReminders handle the rest!

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