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Payroll Scheduling and Reminders

Automated reminders & scheduling for your Payroll services. Great for making sure all of your employees enter their hours on time!

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GoReminders’ scheduling app and text reminder service is used by business owners and payroll clerks to remind their employees and contractors. Many businesses rely on GoReminders’ payroll reminders to make sure their employees and contractors enter their hours and jobs on time. If a job is not complete, then your employee can reply to the reminder to let you know.

This convenient app saves your business time and helps save on your budget. Automated reminders will keep your employees and contractors on-time! You can also easily schedule meetings, appointments, and more so you can focus on the other aspects of your business. Cut the time you spend scheduling and reminding in half so you can focus on running an efficient business. Save time & money knowing you don’t need to manually remind each of your staff members. 

Testimonials from business consultants:

When I began setting GoReminders up, I liked it more and more. Now I think it is the absolute best reminders / scheduling program I have looked at, and I have looked at soooooo many. The in-house employee who will be using it the most to schedule the appointments really likes it too. I am certainly going to recommend it to a lot of businesses


My clients and I are loving this program! It is nice and simple with a very straight forward user interface. As a business consultant, I am always looking for technology to improve efficiencies for my clients. I researched three different reminder applications and GoReminders was the most compatible for my client who does multiple scheduled daily deliveries to repeat customers on a varied rotation basis. This app also delivers reminders without them having to be sent through a cell phone which was critical for my client as they didn’t want the text messages being sent from a cell phone. Having the option to use the application in the App or on a Desktop is great. This application will work well for any sized business and because of its simple user interface, even the most basic technological user will find the input of data very user friendly.

Susan R

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

GoReminders users say that “texting is a big hit” when using our simple appointment reminder app. You no longer need to call and manually remind your employees about to fill in their hours for payroll. GoReminders pays for itself after your first payroll cycle! Push your business to the next level with automated reminders. The businesses that you work with may even want to use GoReminders for their own services, and you can earn a referral bonus! Use GoReminders online and on-the-go from any device – computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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