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It's easy to use and it helped us to get really good Google reviews from our clients.

Tiffany Perez, Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio

I also use it to send clients a request to leave us a Google review and GoReminders made it easy with their prompts. That way we can weed out the negative reviews if we were ever given one.

Allison Blaine, Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder & Lindemann PA

When clients are happy with your service, our automated review request feature prompts them to leave a review for you on whatever platform is most important to your business such as Google, Yelp, or Facebook. This approach to online review generation helps you get more positive reviews, making your business easier to find on the internet.

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Can I customize the review request messages?Arrow

Yes, you can customize the messages sent to clients, enabling you to maintain your brand voice and personalize the review request experience.

What platforms can I request reviews on with GoReminders?Arrow

You can request reviews on whatever platform is most important to your business, such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and industry-specific review sites.

How quickly will I see results after using review request software?Arrow

You should see an increase in positive reviews within your first week, as satisfied clients begin to leave positive reviews depending on your volume of appointments and customer engagement.

How does automated Google review request work?Arrow

After an appointment or service is completed, GoReminders automatically sends an email or text message to the customer (you can even customize when and to whom the review request is sent), asking them how the appointment went. It can filter responses based on customer satisfaction, directing happy clients to write a Google review and less satisfied clients to a private feedback form.

How do clients receive the review requests?Arrow

Clients can receive review requests through email and SMS/text messages, depending on their contact preference.

How do automated review requests help me get more clients?Arrow

Positive reviews, especially on Google, can make your business more visible to potential clients looking for your products or services using search engines. Regular, fresh reviews are seen as a marker of a relevant and reputable business, making your business easier to find on the internet.

Do all clients respond to automated review requests?Arrow

Not all clients will respond to review requests, but automation significantly increases the likelihood of receiving feedback by making it easier and more convenient for clients to leave a review.

Can I target specific transactions or services for review requests?Arrow

Yes, you can choose which transactions or services trigger a review request. This lets you focus on areas of your business where you’re particularly seeking feedback or improvement.

How do I respond to negative reviews collected through GoReminders?Arrow

The feedback will be sent to you as a message under the Messaging tab, so you can continue the conversation with them if you want. It’s best to respond professionally and offer to resolve the issue, showing clients that you value feedback and customer service.

When do clients receive the review request?Arrow

You can choose to send the review request any number of hours or days after a customer’s service or transaction. This timing ensures their experience is fresh in their mind, making them more likely to leave a review.

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