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Send Text & Email Follow Up Messages – Simple & Automatic

GoReminders automated follow-up system makes is simple to send follow-up messages after an appointment. With GoReminders you can schedule automatic text and email follow-up messages that get sent after an appointment is completed. 

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Whether you work in sales or have a service based business — you should always have an automated follow up system in place. Implementing an automated lead follow up system or customer follow up system can keep your business top of mind so your potential client or current customer knows you don’t take their business for granted, and you want to build a long lasting relationship.

Having an automated follow up system can serve a variety of purposes that can build your customer base and ultimately help the bottom line. Sending automated follow up emails and text messages can help your business build relationships and retain customers—and can also be a great marketing asset. 

You can use follow-ups to:

  • Get feedback from customers after you see them.
  • Prompt customers to come back in a few months, or a year, or whenever you like.
  • Get online reviews. (We’re going to have additional features soon to make getting online reviews as smooth as possible…stay tuned!)

With GoReminders, follow-up messages can be scheduled anywhere from 1 hour after an appointment to 30 months after an appointment. You can send two follow-ups per appointment, in addition to the three reminders you are able to use.

See Why People Love Using GoReminders

We purchased GoReminders in order to have the ability to contact our clients for reminders of appointments. We have seen a decrease in missed appointments. In today's world most clients use their cell phones for scheduling. This program allows us to notify and remind without having to use employee hours to personally phone them. The system is easy to use and is constantly upgrading to make the process more streamlined. Iwouldrecommendthisprogramforanybusinesthatusesappointments.

Debra Daly-Maddox, Cooksey & Cooksey Law Office

I was looking for something that would add more professionalism in setting up appointments with clients. GoReminders has also preventednocalls/noshowsalmostcompletely.

Julie Green, Exit Realty Green & Associates

We definitely had our fair share of no-shows and unfortunately, with a service industry like ours and also dealing with custom designs and jewelry settings, and stuff like that, it is important that people are showing up to their appointments. We might’ve had 10 no-shows in a week, and GoReminders brought that down 80% to 90%—and it's created some other protocols in terms of how we are able to deal with the no-show clients.

Kelly Brookes, West Coast Piercing

I needed someone “else” to send out my reminders. I was too busy to book people and send out reminders. I also wanted a place clients could see all of my availability if they wanted to, without asking me. GoReminders has helped with all of that.

Owner, Kitty Claws

We cut out 90% of our no-shows—that's the truth.I estimate that GoReminders saves us $1,800.00 a week.

Roberto Borges, Centro Toyota Auto Parts

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