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Should we launch and promote an affiliate marketing program?

Jonathan Zacks Jonathan Zacks

We get so much positive feedback from people who use GoReminders — about how much time they save and how it pays for itself with one saved appointment — but not enough people know about GoReminders.

In an effort to get more people to know about GoReminders, we are considering launching an affiliate marketing program.

Since GoReminders has customers of so many different kinds — from tattoo artists to attorneys to parachute packers, and everything in network — I’m concerned that getting people interested in our affiliate marketing program could be time-consuming and challenging.

I reached out to the Money Lab folks, Matt and Andy, to get some advice. Here’s a run down of the conversation and what they suggested.

Implementing an Affiliate Program

Building Without Building

I checked out Rewardful and it seems great. I sent them a few questions and they were extremely responsive and helpful. We’re going to launch an affiliate marketing / rewards program for GoReminders!

Promoting an Affiliate Program

Our first step after launching the affiliate program will be to announce it to our current customers. Then we’ll consider researching to candidates for outreach. Let’s see how this goes!

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