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Sport Scheduling and Reminders for Teams & Schools

Automated reminders for your sports team or academy. Great for scheduling practices, lessons, massages, ticket sale follow-ups, team meetings and more!

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GoReminders’ appointment scheduling app & software is used by sports teams and schools across the globe to remind coaches, players, staff, and customers of any type of appointment. This simple app saves you time and helps your budget. Automated ticket sale reminders will impress your ticket holders and turn customers into return customers! We make it easy for you to schedule team meetings and practices, lessons, player massages and therapy, staff training sessions, ticket sale follow-ups, on-site meetings, and more. Cut the time you spend scheduling in half so you can focus on running an efficient business and team. Save time & money knowing you don’t need to manually remind each of your clients, players, or staff members.

Praise for Goreminders

I tried another system, but there were too many goof-ups so I went back to pen and paper. Until I found GoReminders! I love how simple it is on my iPad, and I do a week’s worth of scheduling in the time it took me for one client!


1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

Make a great impact on everyone involved in your team! Our users have said that “texting is a big hit” when getting ready to make a purchase with our appointment reminder app. You no longer need staff to call buyers to schedule your next ticket sale meeting or call. GoReminders pays for itself after your first saved no-show or ticket sale! Do your players forget to show up for practice? With automated reminders from GoReminders, they will be notified every single time! Move your team up the bracket and to the next level with our automated reminders. Use GoReminders online and on-the-go from any device – computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android. 

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