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What to Avoid When Writing Appointment Reminder Messages

Have you ever had an appointment scheduled and during the moments leading up to the appointment you’re scrambling to find the address? Or you’re running late—or even worse, you might need to cancel at the last minute, but you have no idea how to reach the place?

Like many people, I’m a customer of various businesses such as dentists, the hair salon, and various places that send me appointment reminders—and that scenario has certainly played out for me.

It can become a total disaster.

As an end-user and someone who is always seeking to improve our product, I always think to myself—How could these reminder messages be improved? What’s going really well with them? What isn’t?

So, when I get reminder messages that have the information that I need, at the right time, to get me to either let the business know if there’s a problem and that I can’t make an appointment ahead of time— or to get to the appointment at the right time, at the right place, or on a Zoom link—it’s totally seamless.

Or on the other hand, if I have a conflict and I need to reschedule and I try to reply to the reminder text message, but I receive a notification that the message was undelivered or the reminder message says ‘do-not reply’, it’s a total hassle.

I then have to rifle through my contacts and figure out the office’s phone number or I have to go to Google Maps to find the phone number. Then I call them up and sit through their phone tree only to find out that there is no one in the office.

But the places that do it really well? Without a doubt, I am always on time.

By now I think you understand the points of pain that can be caused by poorly executed reminder messages and at the very least, you wouldn’t want to subject your own clients to it.

So, in today’s video I am going to walk you through a simple framework for writing the right reminder message that will get your clients to show up (and on time), they will be impressed by your professionalism, and they’re going to thank you for the reminder messages.

Check it out.

When you’re sending out reminder messages that aren’t working, it can be a total drain on morale and revenue. With this process, you will be cutting your no-show rate dramatically. 

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