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Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio Case Study

How Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio started using GoReminders for their appointment scheduling software to organize their reminder process, save time, and decrease no-shows.


Tiffany Perez has been a tattoo artist for 14 years and owns the largest tattoo studio in New Jersey – Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio. Ink Gallery is recognized as one of the more creatively elite tattoo shops in the tri-state area. Their growing clientele includes VIPs like TV personalities, athletes, performing artists, and more. With two tattoo studios and the business growing, Tiffany struggled to find the time to call her clients to remind them about their appointments, resulting in no-shows and last-minute cancellations. This is a common issue that brings many business owners to GoReminders.

GoReminders is an appointment scheduling and reminder app for the tattoo industry proven to cut out no-shows and increase revenue.

Describing herself as an “old-school” kind of person, Tiffany relied on writing down her appointments on her planner. In the middle of the workday, she would remember an upcoming appointment and had to find time to call her clients directly to confirm appointments. When Tiffany didn’t call to remind her clients, Ink Gallery experienced many no-shows. Without a solid appointment reminder system in place, they received a lot of negative client feedback. 

As the business continues to grow, Tiffany began to search for a solution to keep her appointment system organized. After trying multiple products, Tiffany came across GoReminders.

“I tried GoReminders and said, okay this is the one! This is very easy to use and it doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed or stressed out.” – said Tiffany.


Save your business time and money by eliminating no-shows with GoReminders.

GoReminders’ easy-to-use setup was exactly what Tiffany needed for Ink Gallery. The simple software allowed Tiffany to create appointments quickly and teach her employees how to use it. When a new appointment is created, GoReminders automatically sends fully-customizable SMS and email reminders to Ink Gallery’s clients. Tiffany uses this feature to send an initial  message including a link to Ink Gallery’s deposit and cancellation policies. One week before the appointment, a second reminder is sent with instructions to confirm the appointment. This feature also allows Tiffany to receive notifications when a client confirms or cancels an appointment, giving her an opportunity to fill in open slots.

The automatic reminders feature of GoReminders saved Tiffany and her employees time. By eliminating the need to call each client to confirm their upcoming appointment, Tiffany and her employees were able to focus more on providing great service to their clients. Tiffany’s favorite feature is the 2-Way Messaging which allows her to easily send text messages to her clients without providing her personal phone number. 

After using GoReminders for creating appointments and sending automatic reminders, Ink Gallery generated a lot of positive Google Reviews. Clients are more aware of Ink Gallery’s policies and love receiving reminders about upcoming appointments. Thanks to GoReminders, Ink Gallery is more organized which subsequently improved their clients’ experience.

“I feel like it helped us to get really good and positive Google reviews from our clients because we have a nice system and clients like that organization.” – Tiffany remarked.


Service-based businesses rely heavily on appointments and no-shows result in loss of income. As a small business owner running two studios and being a tattoo artist at the same time, Tiffany needed an organized appointment and reminder process. GoReminders has helped her and her employees achieve the organized system that she was looking for.

Tiffany recently learned about GoReminders Online Reviews feature which helps generate lots of positive Google Reviews. With this feature, Tiffany can send an automatic follow-up message after an appointment which can be scheduled anywhere from 1 hour to 30 months after the appointment. 

GoReminders also has an Online Booking feature that allows clients to book or request their own appointments. This is perfect for businesses like Ink Gallery which accepts appointments through their company website.

To date, Tiffany has been using GoReminders for Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio for 2 years. 

Want to see how GoReminders can work for your business? Try GoReminders for free with a full access 14-day trial (no credit card needed). We look forward to helping you grow!

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