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How to Send More Appointment Reminders in Less Time

When I talk to people with appointment-based businesses and the problems of appointment no-shows or cancellations, often, the biggest hurdle businesses seem to have is finding the time to remind their clients about appointments. 

Everyone is busy—you’re busy, your clients are busy and prospects are busy.

So, with these challenges you need to have a reminder work flow that doesn’t add extra time to your day.

The best part about having a reminder work flow is that everyone remembers. Clients shows up or at least let you know when they aren’t so you can plan your day efficiently. 

At my IT company, there was a time when I would book appointments with clients and neglect to remind them about our meetings. Either I didn’t find the time to remind the client or I would totally forget. This was problematic, because I wasn’t making the most out of my time. 

So, I decided to automate my reminder process and it was a game changer.

Even if you aren’t ready to start with GoReminders or appointment reminder software, you should work on having an effective and efficient reminder work flow. 

In today’s video, I am going to talk about how to implement a reminder workflow that doesn’t add extra time to your day, but should leave you with a net of less time you’re dealing with appointments, scheduling, and no-shows.

Check it out. 

Want to learn how to send the right message that will get clients to show up? 

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