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Birth Centers, Midwives & Maternity Appointment Reminders

Birthing center & midwifery reminder software with automated appointment reminders. Midwives, birthing specialists, and mothers all love our scheduling software because it’s easy-to-use, saves time, and increases revenue. Try GoReminders for free!

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GoReminders is a versatile appointment reminders app which midwives, birthing centers, home birthing specialists, doctors, gynecologists, independent practitioners, mothers and more, all love to use. Your budget will plummet and your free time will skyrocket when you start sending text message & email reminders.

We make it easy for you to schedule with clients. Relax knowing you don’t need to individually remind them. Automated text message reminders for upcoming consultations are something that we know people find impressive! Easily schedule initial meetings, consultations, recurring checkups, birthing appointments, follow-ups, and more. Get that old appointment book outta here and start using GoReminders today!

Praise for GoReminders

I really enjoy GoReminders! It’s definitely a great asset to our company and saves us loads of time by both reducing the amount of “confirmation calls” we need to do manually, and the amount of missed service calls due to locked gates or forgotten appointments. GoReminders is efficient and simple to use.

Melainy Noah-Guzman, Office Manager at Elite Pool Service

Of the 30 online schedulers I have used, GoReminders is the most efficient, easy to use and reliable. Your recurring appointment feature is top notch and saves my life.

Luis Rivera, Virtual Coach

I manage donor recruitment for a small community blood bank in northern California. I want to thank you for providing an option for small and non-profit organizations without a huge investment. It’s often difficult to find a balance between 90% functional freeware and an investment that I’d have to lay someone off to afford. GoReminders seems like a great balance.

John from Northern California Community Blood Bank

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

Why GoReminders works well for a midwife, birthing center, or home birth reminders

  • Whether it’s for their initial appointment, the birth itself, or a follow-up, your customers will appreciate being reminded by our calendar reminder app! It’s going to take one more thing off your plate and theirs.
  • Our most popular plan pays for itself with just a single avoided no-show.
  • There’s a two week free trial, with no risk!
  • Keeping things simple is what we’re all about. Businesses can’t help but save time and increase revenue with us.
  • Enter the appointment details and then GoReminders does the rest. The reminder gets sent without anything being triggered by you.
  • Straight from the word go you’ll know how to confirm an appointment. And when you do, your recipients get an automatic text with confirm, reschedule, or cancel instructions.
  • Grow into powerful features, such as message sequences, message blasts, and adding locations or staff members or services. There’s always some new feature coming out.

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