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Clover Apple Pay for Clover POS

Jonathan Zacks Jonathan Zacks

Can you use Apple Pay with Clover?

This is a question I’ve gotten in passing when discussing the Clover POS system and POS systems in general. Even when I’m checking out at a store or restaurant that uses the Clover system, often the staff member doesn’t know if the Clover point of sale system accepts Apple Pay.

So I wanted to get this out there for all our users (some people who use our appointment scheduling software also use Clover in their business) and the general public in case it’s helpful:

Yes, Clover Apple Pay works with Clover POS devices.

NFC payment options like Samsung NFC and Apple NFC are extremely convenient because NFC payments are much quicker to process than card swipe and chip payments.

Clover payment options are numerous. Clover credit card machine payments will still work just fine so you can do Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and Google Pay along with regular Clover credit card processing as a Clover merchant.

The fact that the Clover card reader accepts Apple Pay means a merchant who accepts Apple Pay is much more common that before. This even works on the Clover Go devices.

This topic is close to my heart because our mission at GoReminders is to help small businesses save time and make money with our text reminder system, and hopefully this blog post about Clover POS and Apple Pay will also save you time and money!

I get this question often when discussing the Clover POS system. Often staff don’t know if the Clover point of sale system accepts Apple Pay.

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