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Dent Craft Case Study

How Dent Craft started using GoReminders for their appointment scheduling software to organize their appointment process, decrease last minute cancellations and save time. 


Dent Craft is an automobile dent repair company that specializes in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) for all makes and models. Driven by expert craftsmanship, Dent Craft is a trusted name in the industry, serving the larger Boston area for 25 years. Dent Craft, like other PDR businesses, is appointment based due to the highly personalized work involved. Matthew Ligor, small business owner and sole operator of Dent Craft, struggled to maintain an effective appointment process often resulting in personal oversight and a high appointment no show rate. This is an issue that brings many businesses to GoReminders.

GoReminders offers simple scheduling features and automated appointment reminders.

Dependent on pen and paper methods, followed with periodic entries into Google Calendar, or even hoping memory would serve him well, Matthew was overburdened trying to allocate the time to get himself organized in order to improve his business. Dent Craft was experiencing a 50% no show rate when Matthew didn’t remind customers of their appointment the day before through text or email. Simultaneously, Matthew would sometimes neglect to even keep himself updated on upcoming appointments. Dent Craft’s appointment system had become inefficient, time-consuming and costly.

In an attempt to find a functional appointment solution, Matthew considered using an automated booking system that would give Dent Craft’s customers the ability to create appointments online, but then realized this kind of functionality would have presented another problem; customers needed quotes before an appointment was set. As Matthew described, paint dent repair is “quite the art form” that is unique to the respective customer. Therefore, evaluating each individual client’s damage and giving an estimate is important prior to an appointment. In his continued search to find the appropriate appointment scheduling system for Dent Craft, Matthew came across GoReminders.


GoReminders offered an immediate solution to Dent Craft’s appointment workflow from start to finish. Using the GoReminders appointment feature, Matthew was able to easily enter the customers name, contact information, appointment date and reminder type (SMS and/or email).  Additionally, the helpful Google Calendar integration with GoReminders allowed appointments to be instantaneously updated on Matthew’s Google Calendar, giving him two places to view the status of his upcoming appointments. The seamless entry process and useful integration consequently eliminated his previous pen and paper trails and made his company’s booking process more effective and organized. 

After entering a new appointment, GoReminder’s built-in reminder feature automatically sends fully-customized reminders to Dent Craft’s customers through SMS and email, followed by several reminders leading up to the appointment. Matthew customized his reminder schedule to send a reminder the day before the appointment and another reminder 2 hours before. This reminder feature also allowed Matthew to see which customers confirmed, rescheduled or canceled, providing him with an opportunity to plan his day quickly and efficiently.

Within the first month of using GoReminders, Dent Craft experienced a dramatic increase in customers honoring their appointments—the no show rate dropped from 50% to 2%. 

GoReminders also helped Matthew realize the value of having a customer database and ultimately having “a book of work”. Having a customer database was instrumental in helping Matthew understand who his customers were. With 25% of Dent Craft customers being repeat clientele, Matthew and his customers all appreciated the added personalization. GoReminders not only solved his initial struggles with booking appointments and reminding customers of their appointment, but it added a touch of professionalism and value to the Dent Craft brand. 


As a small business owner with limited time, staying organized can be an uphill battle. Dent Craft desperately needed an efficient and organized appointment process and GoReminders has helped them achieve that, giving Matthew the peace of mind he longed for. Dent Craft customers are responding well to the personalized messages and have let Matthew know how much they appreciate the reminders. 

Matthew is also planning on using  GoReminders Message Blasts to send bulk messages to Dent Craft’s customers in SMS or email format, without creating appointments. You have the option of sending a bulk message to select customers, preset groups of customers, or all of your customers at once. 

GoReminders has an optional online and automated booking feature for customers, and that is great for people like Matthew who didn’t want to offer online booking to his customers at the time. 

After using GoReminders for the first free trial month, Matthew signed up for 1 year. To date, Dent Craft has been using GoReminders for 5 years. 

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