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Hair Salon Appointment Reminders App

Grow your salon business and spend less time on admin with a hair salon appointment reminders app. See why salon owners trust GoReminders to drive success for their business.


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User-Friendly Appointment Reminder App for Hair Salons

When clients miss appointments, your business is losing money and your stylists sit idly and become frustrated.

But when clients receive text reminders and email appointment reminders, no-shows become a thing of the past, revenue grows, and you create momentum for your salon.

By using our beautifully designed haircut scheduling app, you can:

  • Spend less of your time on admin and focus more time developing your business
  • Cut down on no-shows and late cancellations
  • Stop losing clients and money
  • Keep your calendar full and your hairstylists booked
  • Build better relationships with your clients with customized messages
  • Find more enjoyment in being a salon owner

See how powerful an appointment reminder app can be for your hair salons:

  • One of our clients saw no-shows drop by 80% after using our appointment scheduling software.
  • Studies show that text message reminders can generate 6X ROI. With our $20/month plan, a 6X return on investment equals $1,440 in extra revenue every year.
  • On average, GoReminders customers save 33 minutes each day and see returns of more than $500 every week.

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Become Beautifully Efficient 

Less frustration. More organization.

See schedules of every hairstylist on one screen. Salon scheduling is a delicate balancing act. Staying organized is the key. With GoReminders, you can sort hairstylists and service types. And you can quickly and easily keep your staff in the loop when clients make changes to appointments.

Easily schedule appointments and reschedule them as necessary. Designed to handle the nuances and constant scheduling changes associated with salons, GoReminders enables clients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments anytime. Even while you’re sleeping! Want clients to have to call the salon to cancel? You can do that too!

Provide clients and hairstylists with customized appointment details. This way, everyone shows up ready for the appointment. GoReminders makes automating text message reminder notifications easy, so you can focus on what matters. Keep clients connected and informed by customizing the timing and frequency of your reminders.

Strategic Marketing for Your Salon

Deepen Connections with Your Clients and Grow Your Business at the Same Time

Deepen connections with clients by sending automated emails, follow-ups, or appointment reminders. Plus, you can also create a series of customized recurring appointments for certain clients. Need to edit a single appointment in the series? No problem. We’ve gotten lots of feedback from customers who love this feature.

Send announcements and newsletters to certain segments of your clients. By keeping clients informed about the latest trends, you stay top of mind and remind them to keep coming back for your unique services.

Automate drive-back campaigns with scheduling reminders. Life’s busy for you and for your clients. Fill your hairstylists’ calendars and keep the money flowing into your salon with automated “we miss you” reminders

Easy & Convenient Hair Salon Appointment Reminders App 

Easily remind clients of hair salon appointments on any device. 

For $30/month, you’ll find that GoReminders pays for itself in your first saved appointment.

Get started FREE today:

  • A free 2-week trial can be set up by anyone in 10 seconds
  • There is absolutely zero training necessary
  • Simply enter the appointment — GoReminders does the rest to automatically remind clients about the appointment.

Testimonials from Salons

I looked into a few other appointment scheduling apps, but I liked GoReminders because I mainly wanted a booking system so that it would send out reminders for me—that’s what I was struggling with. I didn’t need a complicated booking site and GoReminders is just straight to the point and easy to work with. Some other sites were too confusing to navigate and didn’t get straight to the point.

Owner, Kitty Claws

I work in a small family-owned company making custom home items. We do a lot of scheduling for measures, installs, services, etc. This app works awesome! It keeps all customers confirmed or needing to cancel/reschedule in one place - they can easily confirm through their text or email, and i get notifications in my email and on the app. we will continue to use this—it just makes work life easier!

Caryle Segall, Contour Studio

I love GoReminders! It has helped me stay organized with so many clients. I love the feature where a reminder is sent one day before the scheduled services and I love the affordability of GoReminders!

Gera Turner, Loxxi Brown

Best investment ever! Thanks to GoReminders I save so much money and time for my nail salon.

Jenifer Phương Quyên Huỳnh, Nail Salon

I’ve been using this service for several months and my clients comment about it daily. Theylovethereminders and I love that I can add a message for particular clients. They also make changes that I love all the time!!! Quick and wonderful customer service. A+++++!

Janelle Lynn, Lush Hair Salon

It’s been very well received! My customers like getting a text over a call. It’s very user friendly, I needed that and love it!

Mary Hacker Bickerstaff, Profiles Hair Salon

I haven't found a cheaper service that is as intuitive for a business with multiple locations as ours.

Joanna Turner, Safe House Studios

My clients absolutely love it! They love getting their reminder 24 hours before their appointment and they're reassured that I'm coming the next day. It saves me time driving to people's houses and not having them there and it saves me money. I can change appointments if I have to and I'm always booked! I really appreciate GoReminders. It's a great service!

Jessica, Jessica’s Beauty Service

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

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