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Booking Form

Setting up the Booking form, sharing the Booking form and more.

How to Send Out Links to Your Booking Form

Do you want to send your Booking form to clients so they can book their own appointments, make an appt. request, or book a follow-up appt.?

Blocking Off Time on Your Booking Form

This article explains how you can prevent customers from selecting unavailable days/times on the Booking Form.

How to Share Your Booking Form QR Code

Your customers can book their own appointments by scanning your Booking Form QR code.

Customize a Booking Link with Date and Time

How can I make sure my customer schedules an appointment on a specific date?

How can I embed my GoReminders booking form into my website?

Take a look at the instructions in this article to see how to do that.

Can customers book their own appointments?

You can share a Booking Link to let your clients book their own appointments. Here’s how to set up the Booking Form.

Creating 45-minute appointment time slots

How can I set up my appointment times for every 45 minutes on the Booking form? Check out this article to find out how you can do that.

Is online booking mandatory?

Can I just use GoReminders for appt reminder messages and disable Online Booking? You can! Online booking is completely optional.

Can I pre-fill the customer’s information on the Booking Form?

Here’s how you can pre-fill your Booking Form fields with your customer’s name, email address, and phone number.

Can I add Google AdWords/Analytics Tracking to my Booking Form?

If you use our booking form, and you also run ads to promote your business with Google AdWords, check this article.