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Booking Form Setup and Options

Your clients can book their own appointments in GoReminders. Here’s how to set up the Booking form, and info on some of its options.

Your clients can book appointments through GoReminders! When your clients are scheduling an appointment, they can select a location, preferred staff member, service, and desired appointment date/time depending on your settings in Settings > Booking.

Here are the available options:

Booking Enabled: If you do not want customers to be able to book their own appointments, this toggle button allows you to switch this option off and disable your booking form.

Booking Enabled?

Booking Style: There are two booking options that you can select from to customize your Booking form. They are Instant Book and Appointment Request.

Booking Style options

If Instant Book is selected as your preferred Booking Style, the appointment will automatically appear on your GoReminders calendar under the Calendar tab in your account as soon as a client submits their preferred appointment. You’ll also receive an email or text notification for the appointment unless you disable notifications.

Along with the Instant Book option, you will be able to set up the Instant-book Appointment Message(s). The Instant-book Appointment Message(s) are the same reminder templates originally set up in Settings > Reminders

Instant-book Appointment Message(s)

The message/template you select will be sent out according to your general reminder schedule set under Settings > Reminders. If you select a Message Sequence for your Instant-book Appointment Message, the messages use the selected Message Sequence‘s schedule. An Instant-book Appointment Message will only be sent to the client right away, if the general reminder schedule or Message Sequence has “Immediately” chosen for the first reminder.

If Appointment Request is selected, then you will receive the client’s appointment request, either by email or text message, with their preferred appointment dates and times unless notifications for this are disabled. 

Sample appointment request

Appointments are then approved in the Booking tab of your GoReminders account. 

Booking requests

Once approved, the appointment will appear on your GoReminders calendar found on the Calendar tab.

The Booking Form Content section is where you are able to add your business logo as well as create your landing page and confirmation page for the booking form. To add these options to your form, click the Edit Content button.

Booking Form Content

To add your Logo, just drag and drop it from your computer to the provided space. Or click to upload! The logo will appear on your Landing Page, which is the first page of the booking form. Your logo file can be a .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Booking form logo upload

The Landing Page consists of the Page Title and Blurb fields. The text entered in these areas are visible to your clients on the booking form. Some suggestions to enter here are “Schedule Appointment” or “Book Your Appointment”. You can also enter some information like our example below:

Booking form landing page content

The Confirmation Page is the final page aka the “Thank You” page of the booking form. This is the page your clients see after they have submitted their appointment information. It also has Page Title and Blurb areas so you can leave a note of gratitude or any additional information you would like your clients to know.

Confirmation page
Confirmation page blurb sample

Once you have customized your Booking Form Content to your satisfaction, click the green Save button at the bottom of the pop-up window to save your changes.

Open/Closed Hours displays the hours when your office is open and closed. It helps control the available appointments on your calendar, so it’s not possible for clients to book an appointment when your business is closed.

Open/Closed Hours

You can also set Location-specific hours under Settings > Locations.

In the Form Options section, there are several settings you can use to customize your booking form. They are Required Contact Info, Minimum Scheduling Notice, Allow Appointment Overlap, and Appointment Times and Lengths.

Booking Form Options

Required Contact Info allows you to require your clients to enter an email address or phone number or both forms of contact for their appointments when they are filling out the Booking Form. 

The Minimum Scheduling Notice setting is a useful tool which allows your clients to book appointments with as little or as much notice as you’d like. If the setting is set to None, then clients can book appointments for immediate service. If you set the minimum scheduling notice for 1 day, then clients cannot book an appointment less than 24 hours/1 day from the preferred appointment time. The maximum scheduling notice time allowed in this setting is 1 week.

The Allow Appointment Overlap allows appointments to overlap on your GoReminders calendar if enabled. If you have multiple staff members available at all times of the day, then this may not be a concern. Clients will then be able to book an appointment at any time of the day within the hours of your Open and Closed Hours. However, if you don’t want appointments to overlap, to avoid having appointments booked at the same time, please leave this setting unchecked.

Appointment Times and Lengths refers to the time intervals your clients can choose, which are controlled by your appointment time selector interval. You can change this under Settings > Appointments. You can also set your default Appointment length on the same setting page. 

In addition, each Service you offer your clients can have a custom appointment length. You can update the appointment length for your services in Settings > Services.

Form Fields includes the Show Staff Selector and Customer Custom Fields for your booking form. 

Booking Form Fields

Show Staff Selector gives your clients the option to select a staff member for their appointment. To enable this feature, just mark the checkbox as shown in the image above. Staff members entered in Settings > Staff of your account will then appear on the Booking form.

Customer Custom Fields can also be added to your booking form. To create custom fields, first go to Settings > Customers in your account, and set up the extra fields for any additional information that is not currently requested on the Appointment form and Booking form. This feature is useful for additional client details such as Home Phone, DOB, or Company. Once your new custom fields are saved, go to back your Booking settings and mark the checkbox for “Show on form” to have your custom field displayed. You can also mark the checkbox “Make field required” if you want to make the custom field mandatory for your clients on the Booking form.

Notifications allow you to be notified of new booked appointments by email or SMS/text. If you’d like to receive your booking notifications at more than one email address, keep in mind you’ll need to enter one email address per line. SMS/text notifications can only be sent to one mobile number.

Booking form Notifications

If you don’t wish to receive notifications for your bookings, go to the setting, “How should we notify you when an appointment is requested?” and select “No Notifications” in the drop down menu.

If the notifications for text and email are disabled, you’ll want to make sure to regularly check the Booking tab in GoReminders to see if any appointment requests have come in and are pending approval. When you have a booking waiting to be approved, there will be a number badge on the Booking tab as shown below:

Booking Requests