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Calendar navigation, Calendar integration, and more.

Blocking Off Time on Your Calendar

This article explains how to block off time on your calendar when your business isn’t accepting appointments.

How Appointments are Color Coded

Do you need to keep your appointments organized in your calendar by color? This article explains how appointments are color-coded.

Can I see appointments in my calendar?

Whether you use Google Calendar, iCal, iCloud, or Outlook, GoReminders can integrate with your calendar!

Changing the calendar view to daily, weekly, or monthly

Ever want to view your appointments in daily, weekly, or monthly views? Here’s how you can do all of those.

How to Share Your GoReminders calendar from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar Account

If you’d like to share your GoReminders calendar with someone within your organization, you can!

Connecting GoReminders with Microsoft Outlook – Instructions & Tips

View your GoReminders appts. in your Microsoft Cal! Learn how to share your calendar with others or adjust your calendar display options.

How to Share Calendars from Your Google Calendar Account

Want to share your GoReminders appointments with other people who are not listed as Staff in your GoReminders account?

Does each staff have their own calendar?

Learn how each user in your GoReminders account can view their appointments only.