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Limiting Multi-User Scheduling Permissions

How to limit the scheduling and/or editing options for staff members. Change user permissions.

If you have multiple staff members that book appointments, but you would like to limit the permissions staff have in regards to scheduling, editing, or deleting appointments this article will walk you through the steps.

To do so, you can have your staff use the Booking Form to schedule appointments (instead of providing them with direct access to log into GoReminders). Using the Booking Form, staff can schedule appointments during open hours that are assigned to specific staff members. Follow these steps:

  1. Setup all staff members in the Staff section of GoReminders, with the “Hide from your booking form?” option turned off (which is the default) for each staff member that needs to be assigned to appointments.

  2. Setup the Booking Form to work as you wish with the correct “Open/Closed Hours” etc.

  3. Once your Booking Form is complete, your staff members can use the Booking form to schedule appointments.

If your staff needs to see their own appointments or ALL of the appointments scheduled, follow these steps:

  1. If a staff member only needs to see their own appointments, then you can go into that Staff Members profile and use the “Invite to Calendar” function to give them access to view their own appointments in Google Calendar, or another calendar system.

  2. If a staff member needs to see ALL appointments (assigned to all staff members), then you can use the main Calendar syncing functionality to connect the GoReminders calendar to 1 calendar account (e.g. Google Calendar). Once this is completed, whoever has access to GoReminders in their external calendar can invite others to view that calendar from their external calendar directly. So if you are using Google Calendar, then the calendar needs to be shared to all other staff members directly from Google Calendar.

Your staff can now view appointments, but will not be able to edit or delete appointments.