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The best multilingual customer appointment reminder service for any language. It's easy with GoReminders because the reminder message is customizable.

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GoReminders is the best appointment reminder service for any language your clients and customers speak. Multi-lingual reminders are easy with GoReminders appointment scheduling software because the reminder message is completely customizable. If you want to remind clients in Spanish, you can write Spanish appointment reminder messages. Russian, Chinese, any language. You can have multiple reminder message templates if some of your customers speak different languages. For example, you can have a Spanish reminder template and an English reminder template and a Russian message template, and choose which template to use for each customer. You can choose which template is your main one if you want.

GoReminders automatically sends multilingual text reminders or email reminders (or both). All text message and email appointment reminders can be sent in any language you choose because the calendar reminder system is so flexible. GoReminders makes multilingual reminders easy!

Customer Feedback

"We do IT consulting and our customers are business owners, so we all have a ton going on. Missing an appointment using GoReminders is impossible. If we forget about an appointment, GoReminders is there to remind us and our customers. I love that it does text message & email reminders!" - Jose Hossein, Executive Director at ON Drive Techs

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